Mule Creek C/O arrested for child sexual assault

Jul 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Bad Apples, Crime In General

A Mule Creek Correctional Officer was arrested yesterday on charges of sexual assault on minor girls.

Johnny Irvin Walters, 38, is believed to have hosted pool parties for teenagers, and served them alcohol.  He is believed on at least two occasions to have sexually assaulted young girls who were passed out drunk.  When the cops served their warrant they discovered evidence indicating that Walters took video of at least one underage girl showering at his residence.

Walters was booked into the Amador County Jail, originally against a $40,000 bail, which was then upped to $80,000. The charges include using a minor for sex acts, furnishing alcohol to minors, child molesting and lewd acts on a child.

Walters has been with the Department since 2003, all that time at Mule Creek.

Clicking here will link to a CBS news piece on this story.

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One Comment to “Mule Creek C/O arrested for child sexual assault”

  1. Lt. M.J. Rhodes, (retired) says:

    You know what Mule Creek stands for: Molestors, chesters, snitches and punks. Sorry, that’s what we called the place when it first opened up.