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Bedlam1815In the last day and a half I have gotten info from multiple (more than two) sources at CHCF.  These are all relatively low-level employees so I admit it is POSSIBLE that there has been some deal with the court that has not made the news and that these employees are unaware of.  I doubt it, but it is possible.

I now have a fair-size pile of DMS (daily movement sheets), internal transfer sheets and daily movement recap reports.  These all indicate that there has been an increase in count at CHCF and that inmates have been placed in the DeWitt annex.  Both of these things were prohibited by the feds.

Also the DeWitt annex was opened with zero third-watch staff, while there are still a couple of hundred vacant beds at CHCF.   In addition I am assured by my sources (all custody as far as I know) that the medical staffing at CHCF is still significantly light and the medical staffing at the DeWitt annex is essentially nonexistent.

I find it very difficult to understand why this is happening.  But there seems to be no question that it is.  Even if you allow that the feds have approved the increase in count (which should have made the news and didn’t, especially since there was a media tour there on Friday) why in the world would you put inmates into a new facility when there are still lots of beds left in the main facility?  It is exponentially more difficult to mange a facility the further away it is from home base.  Emergency response, by both custody and medical, is slower and more complex.

I know Ron Rackley.  He is not a stupid man.  That being said he seems to be doing, or at least approving of, some pretty lame things.  You don’t get to be Warden without some political component in your world.  I understand that.  I would, however, hope that an honest and competent correctional professional would be willing to tell truth to power.  That is part of the job, telling the boss that he is, on occasion, wrong.  Operating a facility with grossly inadequate staff is lame, and dangerous.  Accepting more intake than you can cover is lame, and could end up causing some serious legal troubles.  Acting in defiance of court mandates (assuming that is what is happening here) is not only lame but dangerous as well.

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  1. Who let the dogs out. Woof says:

    Excellent insight on how quickly power corrupts good intentions. Will the real receiver step right up or will no one care like the welded gate and dewitt workers who did little last nite and where is thatnlady from the la times?