Morale at an all time low, as usual

Jun 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Employee Abuse, Spotlight

Recently, a reporter asked Paco for an assessment of “prison guard morale.”  Based upon the feedback received via the comment threads, emails and the now defunct Forums, I posited there was no discernible change in Bargaining Unit 6–Morale remains at an all time low.

Which isn’t to say the  correctional officers’ and parole agents’ lots haven’t worsened appreciably in the past 5 years or so.  Notwithstanding a series of setbacks, defeats and bloody noses, morale didn’t budge because it couldn’t get any lower.

A lieutenant at CIW once told me, “If morale was good they would send a team of auditors down from Sacramento to figure out what we were doing wrong.”  He advised me to take a look at my last paystub and consider how much I made when I was employed in a high morale workplace.  Point taken.

Low morale is a hazard of the corrections profession–CPO’s are compensated for the soul sucking esprit de corps void.  Unlike shift differential or uniform allowance, there is no separate check or even a breakdown on the the stub; it’s built into the base salary.  NOW those salaries are going down by 5%!

The grim truth is, those who work or worked in California prisons have kept the lid on things for decades–Whether morale is up or down, the job gets done.

“They call it the “toughest beat in the State” for a reason, kid,” the Lieutenant said.  “Now suck it up and go pick up my food at the snack bar.”

Have a safe week at work.  Remember, you do this job for the people at home.

Promote good morale there–Focus on what is truly important.

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13 Comments to “Morale at an all time low, as usual”

  1. M. C. Stephen says:

    Nice comment on the Lt. at CIW Paco and Kl2008a, I remember working for the same Lt. as well, could it have been Charlie G ? or was it Floyd H ? mmm I think that is a toss up on that one !!! Aww the memories of CIW land keep flooding back as I am headed into the world of retirement from the great Northwest here. LMAO Brothers.

  2. Stillworkin says:

    Has anybody seen Mike Jimenez, or any of our union people from Sacramento lately?

  3. BeRealCO says:

    wave 2 is already being discussed and many aren’t liking it!!! Along with Paroles INVADING the counties will be crazy!! Lets see what current CO’s will do in wave 2 compared to wave 1 of mistakes and mis communications …I think people will do NOTHING in wave 2 and wait until their laid off because you can’t believe anything around here and no one really knows s**t until its written in plain english. This AB109 thing will go down in history for a total mess up of public safety along with losing DEVOTED servants for the peoples safety , HONEST people who worked the toughest beat!! This could have been thought out better. Such a lose on many levels….sad.

  4. kl2008a says:

    Paco, I think I remember that Lieutenant. Did you remember to bring his root beer float with that chili cheeseburger?

  5. King Wills says:

    Spot on post Paco….could’nt agree more. This is off topic, but I’m wondering if you’ve seen the articles that have run in the NY Times the past few days regarding the scandal in New Jersey’s privately run halfway house system. These are long articles, but they really hit home and, in fact, make valid comparisons to the realignment fiasco in California. IMO, well worth the read.

    • pacovilla says:

      I missed that. I will google it but if you have a good link or 2, please email to paco [AT] pacovilla [DOT] com.

  6. stone cold says:

    This state is a joke P.V.S.P. made officer’s transfer in the first phase, and now they are adding 70 some job’s (positions) , well i wonder if all those cops that had to leave will get to go back! NOT!!!

  7. Bob Walsh says:

    Lets see, the job doesn’t pay what it once did, the administration is a pack of clueless lawyers, backup is very, very thin indeed, and adding to that is the normal HUH reaction of the general public and the more intense GREEDY PUBLIC EMPLOYEE BASTARDS coupled with the pro-criminal lobby. What could be wrong with that?

  8. FrustratedC/O says:

    I love that pix under the heading. LMAO!!!!! Going to use it as my screen saver in the sne office.

  9. Stillworkin says:

    At least until they start wave two of jobs eliminated, and the sea of green that was your brothers and sisters that were there to help you when shit hit the fan are no more. Losing the 5% will really seem like nothing at all.

    • BeRealCO says:

      Those less senior COPS had our backs more than the senior cops when the shit hit the fan too!!!!