Morain’s “complaints” fall mainly where they ain’t

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BobsNewsflash[1],jpgThere is a fairly long and well-written op/ed piece linked here in today’s Sacramento PRAVDA by Dan Morain.  In it he pretty much blames CCPOA and CCA for the crime rate in California, the slow response of the legislature to the prison population issue and pretty much everything that ever happened on the planet that he considers to be bad including the flat tire he got last week.  (OK, I just made the last one up.)

He is whining that Jerry says it will cost an extra $315 million to not release 10,000 felons onto the streets.  He is whining that CCA has a facility just sitting there in the desert rathole of California City that the state wants to use (now).  He is whining that the CCA stock price is up.  He is whining that the state will have to spend millions to put up an electrified fence and guard towers to bring the security level up to that of a real prison.

He is whining that CCA is paying California City 50 cents per day per inmate.  He is whining that the CCA payment to California City might end (probably will) if CCA is no longer operating the prison.  He is whining that CCA pays property tax to California City.  He is whining that the state may not have to.

Dan Morain doesn’t like crime.  He doesn’t like prisons.  He doesn’t like CCA.  He doesn’t like CCPOA.  He is just one unhappy dude.  Life’s a bitch.

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2 Comments to “Morain’s “complaints” fall mainly where they ain’t”

  1. pacovilla says:

    I agree Morain’s piece is “well-written.” How, then, can those well written, legitimate and articulate positions be labeled “whining” no less than 8 times? A dispassionate reading of the article reflects a balanced and fair assessment –it is, after all, an Op-Ed.

    I know Morain and he is no whiner–Neither is he “just one unhappy dude.” Moreover, he is not an anti-prison zealot, as claimed. He is not anti CCPOA per se. Rather, he eschews the smarmy business of state-union politics, as do many citizens, left and right.