Moonlighting…with the same employer!

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Statewide, some 230 CPO's draw 2 paychecks.

Statewide, some 130 CPO’s draw 2 paychecks.

130 lieutenants and sergeants draw 2 paychecks?

Many state workers hold more than one job; Brown administration puts a brake on the practice

Jon Ortiz | Sacramento Bee

Nearly a dozen state departments have allowed hundreds of employees to hold more than one job…

All told, 571 nonunion employees held more than one position this month. Many are salaried managers and supervisors who are ineligible for overtime. Others, such as those working in the state’s prison system, are nonunion employees whose primary job pays an hourly wage and overtime under certain conditions.

The practice has drawn criticism from some labor experts who say it may run afoul of federal labor law and, at the very least, invites an end-run around the notion of paying fixed wages for salaried jobs…

About 75 lieutenants in corrections hold lower-level positions as sergeants or line-walking correctional officers. Another 55 sergeants have second appointments as correctional officers or as self-help program sponsors.

All of those jobs pay an hourly wage. Most of the salaried employees with second jobs in the department are prison medical staff, some whose primary jobs as doctors and psychiatrists pay $10,000 to $20,000 per month…(Full text at  Sacramento Bee )

Paco is aware that a past MOU permitted correctional sergeant’s to work OT as CO’s but the practice reported by the Sacramento Bee’s Jon Ortiz appears to be much more than that. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) it is clear overtime applies when a CPO performs a secondary task for the agency. In that context, the practice may be an effort to circumvent the federal labor law, as noted in the article.

In an environment where staff are being terminated, the notion others are double dipping is outrageous. However, there may well be more to the story than Paco can fathom with the information gleaned to date.

Those who are aware of CDCR staff working under more than one classification are asked to post their observations as a comment. Please do not include the names of the double-dippers. –

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4 Comments to “Moonlighting…with the same employer!”

  1. AWSUN says:

    Yes it was authorized before I left. It’s not different than an officer working overtime. That would be like saying the officers are moonlighting. LTs and Sgts would get the OT only after the OT list was exhausted and the watch started to order over. This is the same bullshit when Administration gets scared and the Gov office gets stupid and they pass a law instead of standing up for their staff.

    • Centurion says:

      I agree. Allowing sgts and lt’s to work overtime once the list of volunteers has been exhausted helps keep junior officers from being m forced to do an overtime shift against their wishes.
      Nothing wrong with that, unless you’re an idiot administrator or politician (or both), who doesn’t have a clue.

  2. bulldogger says:

    I know they allowed in certain circumstances sgts and even Lt. to work OT as CO to avoid holdovers. This was only done when the vol OT list was exausted.

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    A bill was introduced this afternoon to make this illegal.