Michael Jackson Was A Serial Child Predator

Jul 1st, 2013 | By | Category: Celebrity Crims, Katz Litterbox

katz-litter4FBI files reportedly show the King of Pop sexually abused up to 24 young boys

A former aide to private investigator Anthony Pellicano has told the British tabloid Sunday People that Michael Jackson hired Pellicano to find and keep his young victims and their parents from going to the cops.  To keep them quiet, Jackson had Pellicano shell out $35 million to the sexually abused children’s parents.

According to the tabloid, it has seen ‘secret FBI files’ which show that the King of Pop abused up to 24 young boys.  Among those abused, Jackson was caught watching pornographic movies with one boy.  Another boy’s genitals were fondled in Jackson’s private theater while his mother sat a few rows ahead.  And the King of Pop was caught by a member of his household staff while he was sexually abusing a famous child actor (I suspect that was ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin).

Pellicano is serving a 15-year prison term in a racketeering and wiretapping case.  During the investigation of that case, the FBI reportedly seized Pellicano’s files, including the ones about Jackson’s payoffs.

And now Wade Robson, a choreographer who was once one of ‘Wacko Jacko’s’ staunchest defenders, has just filed a major lawsuit against the late pop star’s estate, charging that Jackson molested him numerous times, starting when he was 7 and continuing until he was 14.

It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that millions of fans still idolize this creepy sorry ass child molester.


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4 Comments to “Michael Jackson Was A Serial Child Predator”

  1. pacovilla says:

    I also believe Jackson was a molester. However, like it or not, he was acquitted. Moreover, we must consider that Pellicano is himself a convicted felon and, as such, he and his former employee aren’t exactly oozing credibility…same goes for the publication. In any case he is dead, which suits me just fine.

    • Howie Katz says:

      Wacko Jacko, as the Brits used to call him, may have been acquitted. However, there is such a thing as ‘legally innocent but morally guilty.’ Remember O.J. Simpson?

      As for the Sunday People, it may be a tabloid, but it is not way out like the National Enquirer. When contacted by the Sunday People about the files it had seen, the FBI refused to comment. You can bet that if the story were not true, the FBI would have denied it loud and clear. And as for Pellicano, he hasn’t said anything about Jackson’s predatory ways, but why would he place a bunch of lies in his confidential files?

      Even though Jackson was a great entertainer, and he was one of the greatest, there has been enough evidence suggesting he was a dirty rotten child molester. As such, anyone who believes that child molestation is a heinous offense, should have said to himself: “Michael Jackson is a disgusting creep of the worst kind and I am not about to remain a fan of his.”

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    He was an immensely talented fellow. A lot of people are willing to allow talented people a huge amount of leeway in their personal lives. Just because he was a serial child molester doesn’t mean he was a bad guy, does it?