150 involved in CSP SAC “melee”

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New Folsom on lockdown

Folsom fire: Several stabbed at New Folsom Prison

11:11 AM, May 20, 2011

FOLSOM, CA – Several individuals have been stabbed at New Folsom State Prison, authorities say.

It was not known if inmate, staff or both were injured and what triggered the incident.

The Folsom Fire Department says a Mass Casualty Incident was issued just after 10:30 a.m. for several stabbing victims…News10/KXTV


2 Inmates Stabbed In Large Riot At New Folsom Prison

FOLSOM, Calif. — Two inmates were stabbed Friday in a large-scale riot at New Folsom Prison that involved about 150 inmates, officials said.
Sgt Tony Quinn, spokesman for the prison, said the melee was the largest that the facility has seen since September 1996.
Quinn said the fight initally began between two inmates, but soon the whole yard “erupted” in a melee. Quinn said one warning shot was fired in an effort to break up the fight….No prison staff was injured. The facility was put into lockdown.Authorities are reviewing surveillance video to determine who was involved. No weapons have been recovered…(Full text at KCRA.com)

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16 Comments to “150 involved in CSP SAC “melee””

  1. workerbee says:

    Here’s the SQ link


  2. PAT PERRY says:

    Hey Jeff,
    just found out there was another riot at San Quentin 200 inmates in the chow hall, no word on injuries

  3. Capn Crunch says:

    Did anyone get the “faux paux”in the newscast? Was this at New Folsom or Old Folsom? They showed the gate at New Folsom but showed the layout and yard at Old Folsom. Wasn’t aware there was a B yard at Old Folsom. At least no officers were hurt.

  4. Oomph says:

    Do not anger the jcat……don’t make me come over there.

  5. JCAT says:

    Sorry Bob, and Jeff, this is off topic but WTF… http://blogs.sacbee.com/the_state_worker/2011/05/mike-jimenez-ccpoa.html

  6. JCAT says:

    The last thing JCAT wants to see is the weenie wagon or an EC member. We get paid to do our job, riot or no riot. CCPOA members don’t need anyone but a CCPOA Attorney and their partners after a shooting.
    Riots are going to happen. Do your job and squash them. Look out for your partners.
    Pat Perry you sure have a lot to say, JCAT could live with a lot more Bob Walsh and a lot less Pat Perry.
    Just JCAT’s opinion….

    • Pat Perry says:

      Yea bored today , me to, kinda of tired of hearing myself today :) , but anyway I’m glad more of the membership is gettin involved!! I hear you jcat , just stuck at home been sick for awile… Gets old real quick miss my boys at work!
      I’ll shut up for awile ..lol and you can snuggle up to bobs post for a couple of days….

  7. Pat Perry says:

    In my opinion only I believe that someone from the EC and Legal should be going to these pens that have a big riot…they should be there protecting the rights of the officer that had to shoot and make sure they are showing that chapter that they are there for them and got there back with anything that they need…even drag along the hot dog wagon to feed the officers that are now held over to take care of the mess…I know some of you will be saying that’s what the chapter prez is for , I know that but it would be nice to have back up and to know someone is on the way and to get them involved with the admin also to show them that we are doing this the way it supposed to be done, again protecting our rights and following the mou…and making sure that officer that had to shoot has someone there fir him/her because they are going to hall all kinds of emotions going on about having to pull the trigger , especially in this age of cdcr….so again this is just my ideas and opinions, just out there for discussion, thanks all

    Pat Perry

    • Ian Pickett says:

      Pat, all feelings for the EC aside I have yet to see a shooting where a lawyer is not dispatched to the Officer involved in the shooting almost immediately. I know at Calipat when one of our guys shot and killed an inmate in the defense of our lives he was “really hard to find” until a CCPOA lawyer showed up. At least that was the case when Christine Albertine was on board.

      • Pat Perry says:

        I get that Ian , I’m talking about some who is on staff to roll with an EC member and go straight in with the admin to cover everyone’s asses the shooter should always have someone no matter what!! That’s program! Just sparking up conversation on how to get these guys up in sac involved and show the rest of us they are one of us an care!

        Talk to ya l8tr

        Pat Perry

  8. Bob Walsh says:

    This one made the broadcast news. I gather it was fairly significant.

  9. Pat Perry says:

    Thank god no staff were injured, but I’m sure the one who fired the shot is under scrutiny right now, my thought are whith you brothers and sisters as you clean up that mess, Look out for each other and be safe!!!