Man takes “private prison” too literally, personal

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Police in Pakistan raided a home where a man was operating his own "private prison" with 28 "inmates," local peasants he had enslaved.

28 peasants recovered from private prison

BADIN PAKISTAN: The police conducted a raid in Badin and recovered 28 peasants, including eleven children and thirteen women from alleged illegal captivity of a local landlord, Geo News reported Monday.

According to police, a raid was conducted on the directives of District and Session Judge Badin Badin that resulted in the recovery of 28 peasants, including 13 women and 11 children.

Police told that members of the affected family filed an application stating that the landlord has imprisoned them near Gulab Leghari in his alleged private jail and using them as forced labour. The prisoners told that they were not paid for their work as well.

The District and Session Judge Badin ordered Gulab Leghari police to conduct a raid and recover the peasants.

The freed peasants would be produced in the court today (Monday), the police said. (

For the sake of clarity, Paco is reasonably certain the news source,, is not affiliated with the privateer GEO Inc.  In any case, if Badin is representative of municipal government in Pakistan, it’s fair to say nepotism is BIG there.  I mean, when the judge’s first name, last name and the town’s name are the same, you sure don’t want to fight City Hall unless your name is Badin–Of course, if you live there, chances are it is.

On another interesting WallMart related matter, a convicted sex offender being transported by privateer Extradition Transport of America LLC was recently sentenced to “time served” for escaping briefly  in North Dakota.  In this case, the hand slap was the right call…

‘I was treated like an animal’: Man gets time served for 22-hour cornfield manhunt

By: Mike Nowatzki, INFORUM

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – A sex offender who fled a private prison transport van and led authorities on a 22-hour manhunt last fall in a Barnes County cornfield pleaded guilty to a felony escape charge Wednesday.

Joseph Matthew Megna, 30, who was being extradited from Florida to the state of Washington on Oct. 4 when he escaped the van and sparked a search that cost more than $91,000, was sentenced in Barnes County District Court to the three months in jail he’s already served.

He’ll again be extradited to Franklin County, Wash., where he faces a first-degree charge of child molestation for allegedly fondling a boy under the age of 12. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

After being arrested mid-afternoon on Oct. 5, Megna claimed he escaped when the van stopped at an Interstate 94 rest stop because he hadn’t been properly fed in the trip from Florida. He reiterated that claim Wednesday morning, looking around and saying no one else in the courtroom would have acted any differently.

“I was treated basically like an animal,” he said…

Barnes County State’s Attorney Lee Grossman acknowledged that the sentence was lenient when considering Megna’s criminal record and the manhunt. But, given that keeping Megna here would have meant time in prison, it was the appropriate sentence to get him out of Barnes County and on the road to Washington, where he faces a far more serious charge…(Full text at

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