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Like the plot of  ‘LOST,’ ‘overcrowding’ drama continues with no discernible ending


Cast Members, left to right: Don Specter, Judges Reinhardt, Henderson and Karlton, Rod “Spud” Hickman, Jerry Brown, Joan Petersilia, Jeanne Woodford, Matt Cate and Jeff Beard. ZOOM image

As noted yesterday, The 3 Judge panel consisting of Lawrence Karlton, Thelton Henderson and Stephen Reinhardt have declared their intention to impose, on its own terms, a long-standing, oft-delayed order to reduce CDCR’s population.

CDCR and the Prison Law Office (PLO), the Court declared, are at  loggerheads and, to the delight of that organization’s Don Specter, the Court is bound to impose a model AT LEAST as radical as his last offer to Dr. Beard’s crack negotiators.

Frankly, Paco is amazed at the Court’s prior restraint in NOT following through on numerous contempt orders–Governors and agency secretaries alike ignored those with impugnity. Yet now, even in their no more Mr. Nice Guys order, the judges give the state just a bit more time to see the light.

Interestingly, just as the series “LOST” became virtually impossible to follow after a few years, the population cap matter has become so confusing, even the judges need a few months to make sense of it….and it’s their creation.

So, as with LOST, time will tell whether we live, die, are in Purgatory or Hell and how it all ends.

Unfortunately, it is becoming imminently clear the final episode will leave everyone confused and bewildered.

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2 Comments to “Lost…still”

  1. Boxter says:

    Great article and thank you for sharing what some already know. This department is in big trouble. And barring some much needed miracle, likely will run out of train track, though perhaps not in my lifetime or in the time I have remaining in my career. Fortunately, I only have to endure 2+ more seasons of LOST. At that time; that is, if I can stomach them, I, as well as other viewers, will indeed be “confused and bewildered”.

    As a side note, Paco, I shortened my comment this time. Seems I heeded your sound advice. I kicked down and upgraded to a new and much improved keyboard. Thanks for the counsel and schooling. Greatly enjoy your column and reading other bloggers’ input. Okay, enough; I’ll stop. Keep up the great work and thanks again! Best regards. :)

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    The actual long-term solution is build more cells or lock up fewer people. It could also be interpreted as paying up-front, collectively, or paying down-stream, individually. An additional fix might be less tolerance of aberrant behavior with earlier intervention, but in the current political reality that is unlikely to happen. Our society, especially in California, has problems with being judgmental about aberrant behavior.