Locals mad about sex offender beamed into their midst

Jun 16th, 2014 | By | Category: Parole, Sex Offenders

BobsNewsflash[1],jpgDeLuz is a small community in the San Diego area.  It seems that a rather nasty rapist was paroled into their midst without them knowing about it, and they are uneasy and a bit angry.

Barrett Littleton did 24 years of a 48 year sentence for multiple rapes, including at least one victim under the age of 14.  There was a sort-of community meeting about his placement on Saturday.  CDCr was supposed to be there.  They were a no-show, even though they had confirmed the meeting  The locals want information on Littleton’s restrictions, supervision and things like that.  So far, they have gotten zero information.

Clicking here will link to a CBS news story on this subject.   Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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One Comment to “Locals mad about sex offender beamed into their midst”

  1. LA Sleuth says:

    Maria Franco and company at it again. I wonder what role Robert Alfaro played in this mess? No wonder more and more law enforcement agencies no longer trust the Division Of Adult Parole Operations. Let’s not forget Maria Franco Queen of the Sex offender shuffle 2006, 2007, Illegally housed high risk sex offenders in El Sereno, 2008 Alfred Martinez ordered to remove High Risk sex offenders in Alhambra, OH Maria Franco violated DAPO policy when she failed to notify the Chief of Police Of Alhambra PD. Lets not forget about Robert Alfaro when he placed a sex offender and arsonist in a Board and Care Home in Sylmar and lied to the management. A written letter requesting for an Investigation was sent to Region 3 but Alfaro having those close ties to Franco was never investigated. Everyone should read what the Jury stated about Franco in the Hernandez vs Franco case. ( It is public record ) Franco lost the civil law suit which ended up costing the states taxpayers more than 2 million dollars. The more one violate CDCR /DAPO policies and lies the more they get promoted.