Lifer loses parole grant for using contraband phone

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Dwayne Kennedy's new cellphone plan: 5 years, Zero minutes, no texting.

Borrowed cellphone slams prison cell shut

An inmate says used a contraband phone to tell relatives he was about to be paroled. Caught, he gets five more years in prison.

By Jack Dolan, Los Angeles Times
Dwayne Kennedy threw a man from a moving car in 1988, but that’s not what’s keeping him in prison today. It’s not the inmate he stabbed 17 years ago either; the state parole board forgave him that.

Instead, California prison officials are keeping Kennedy locked up for an extra five years — costing taxpayers roughly $250,000 — because guards caught him with a contraband cellphone he says he borrowed to tell his family he had just been granted parole and was coming home.

It was “just stupid on my part for even using it,” Kennedy told a pair of parole commissioners convened in June 2010 to decide his punishment for breaking prison rules. But “cellphones are just everywhere in prison nowadays…. It’s easy to borrow one from a guy,” Kennedy said…

In Kennedy’s case, using the cellphone derailed his parole bid and effectively lengthened his prison stay by at least five years…When the two parole commissioners met to decide his punishment for violating the cellphone rule, Kennedy said that he had made the calls because he was “overwhelmed and just happy” that he had been granted parole…

But months later, parole commissioners John Peck and Dennis Smith found that Kennedy’s willingness to violate the prison rule proved he is an “unreasonable risk of danger to society.” They revoked his parole offer and imposed the five-year wait until his next hearing…(Full text at Los Angeles Times)

Juxtapose the decision appointed Commissioners Peck and Smith made with those of civil servant deputy commissioners John Larsen and Kathleen Newman who slapped the hands of 2 murderers-to-be for much more affirmative misbehavior. Apparently, the BPH takes misconduct VERY seriously BEFORE parole is granted. Once an offender is on the streets, all bets are off…

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9 Comments to “Lifer loses parole grant for using contraband phone”

  1. Freddy Vega$ says:

    His poor family. They will certainly miss the extra income he would bring…

  2. BigDaddy says:

    He sure looks rehabilitated in his picture. What a shame.

    • wrath says:

      Yea. That’s too bad. I’m sure he would have been a credit to his community.

      I guess Compton or Watts or Oakland, or wherever the hell he’s from is just gonna have to wait. :/

  3. pacovilla says:

    Parenthetically, I should have noted Dwayne Kennedy SAYS he borrowed a phone to call home. Who knows? Cheating spouses usually claim it was the first time when they get caught–parolees to claim a single “relapse” when confronted with a positive drug test. Speeders tell the CHP they usually obey the speed limit…

  4. pacovilla says:

    Homicide is a gateway crime to contraband phone use!?

  5. Centurion says:

    Given his past behavior, if his judgement is still that bad…this is a GOOD thing.

  6. pacovilla says:

    I guess he decided against using the inmate phones to save the family collect charges–He ended up saving them a lot more.

  7. Bob Walsh says:

    Well, that seriously sucks for him, his family, and depending on how you look at it the taxpayers too. A true lose-lose situation.