Lets hear it for the poor criminal (boo hoo)

Jul 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Celebrity Crims

Quartavious Davis has had a lot of bad luck in life, including a suck-ass name.  He is allegedly learning disabled and bipolar.  He is no doubt a high-school drop-out.  He is also a multiple offense armed criminal.  Additionally he has the bad luck of having committed a lot of crimes after turning 18.

He was sentenced recently in federal court to 162 years in prison for his claimed “first offense.”  Actually he is charged, and now convicted, of participating in at least seven burglaries and robberies while armed.  He is said to have fired at a dog that chased him and his homies away from the scene of a crime. Much of the evidence against him was offered by his homies, presumably in exchange for leniency.

He is now complaining he was never offered a deal.  He is complaining that his sentence for a first offense (actually a seventh offense at a minimum) is unfair.  He is bitching and moaning from one reporter to the next.

His lawyers are holding him up as a poster boy for the unfair and unjustly punitive American criminal sentencing system and mandatory minimums.  Maybe the little bastard should have just not committed the crimes in the first place.

Clicking here will link to a really sniveling Reuters piece on this story.

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One Comment to “Lets hear it for the poor criminal (boo hoo)”

  1. m512 says:

    I had similar thoughts. It was his “first offense” that he was caught at. His first offense also consisted of seven completely separate armed robberies. In the story I read it also said that his homies gave him up for a second discharging of a weapon which occurred at one of the robberies where he exchanged gunfire with someone while fleeing the scene. I was also unaware that it is your right to be offered a deal from the prosecutor. I am unsure if the punishment fits the crime but I can say it was just a matter of time before this idiot ended up killing someone.