Layoffs loom…

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Layoffs are again on the horizon for parole and institutions staff alike.

Layoffs are on the horizon for parole and institutions staff alike.

CCPOA, members bracing for more layoffs

Redding to lose 7 parole agents, 2 others in April

By Sean Longoria | Record Searchlight

As the state continues to evaluate whether the Redding parole office will close sometime after June, officials with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirmed Monday they’re cutting at least nine local positions in April.

…a CDCR report detailing statewide reductions and staffing needs identifies the parole officers, a psychologist and a program tech as the positions targeted for downsizing in Shasta County.

…CDCR officials are evaluating whether to close one of several north state offices, with Redding as one of the possibilities. A closure wouldn’t happen until after the end of the fiscal year in June…

Redding Police Chief Rob Paoletti said he’d like as many parole officers to remain in the area as possible…He and Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko have offered office space to local parole agents in the event the Redding office closes, citing a desire to give agents as much time to supervise parolees as possible…(Full text at  Record Searchlight)

Sources at CCPOA HQ indicate the union and state have been discussing another round of layoffs to begin with the new fiscal year.

Notwithstanding the Agency’s insistence it will maintain current staffing ratios and caseload sizes and specs, union insiders express concern the state is cutting too close to the bone, cutting critical posts and overloading correctional counselors and parole agents.

In any event, as the excerpted article attests, parole is the canary in the coal mine every time–Here’s hoping for a safe landing for the affected staff and their families. –

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3 Comments to “Layoffs loom…”

  1. Alley Cat says:

    We are laying people off when according to CDCR’s own numbers, over 50% of our staff will be over 50 years old. Is this all that smart. I know that some retired annuitants work, but do we really expect everyone to live to a vibrant, healthy old age AND be willing to work additional years in their retirement?

    • gps3056 says:

      That’s because the Gov intends to dismantle the parole division. Think about it….. The new ratio of caseload is 53 to 1 and that means agents will have the abiity to monitor parolees’ much closer. Which will lead to an increase in the recidivism rate and parole violators going back to custody. Then you have the mature staff (over 50 years old) to make all the arrests and increase in parole sweeps. Starting July 2013, all parole violators will be going before a Superior Court Judge in the local county court house instead of the slam dunk BPH hearing (where the parolee gets his 90 day motel stay in the county jail, actually serves what 38 days in Los Angeles County due to over crowding). I think the writing is on the wall and the state is going to downsize parole to the size of 500 parole staff. Then the state can serve it up to the counties probation dept’s to supervise the remaining parolees’. I prey my former co-workers (Parole Agents) find a place to land, as being laid off sucks!

  2. Bing says:

    I do not even know wth to say anymore. losing 1 PA I, 1 PA II, and a out of class PA III (a) from another county? 4 PA I Agents left out of 9 we had two years ago in San Mateo county Daly City Unit. And we endorsed this guy for govenor. LMFAO