Layoff notices issued to parole agents

Jun 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Furloughs & Layoffs

I heard today that the Parole Agent I and II layoff notices are now out.  They are said to go up to 17 years seniority.  I don’t know if these are actual layoff notices or warnings.  I have also heard there is at least one group of parole agents readying a lawsuit against the state over issues related to seniority and parole layoff procedures.  If anybody has any solid info on this you are more than welcome to post it.

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11 Comments to “Layoff notices issued to parole agents”

  1. cmf c/o says:

    I have 27 years and I received one. What a joke. I am neither opting in or out went in the round file. I turn 48 tomorrow and am therefore not eligible to retire yet. So I have no choice but to tough it out at least 2 more years watching a lot of what I worked hard for slip away as the politicians fiddle while Rome burns. We get the shaft again after woorking over 400 hours without due and proper compensation. What did we get for this sacrafice or should I say confiscation of our money? Nothing apparently they ran up a deficet double the previous year. Hold on to your arsenal they are como g for our pensions next. Let us hope ccopa can at least protect that although am homing bated breath on that. All I can say is brother and sister officers- agents- etcetera if not insulated by seniority do whatever it takes to service in your best interest since it seems you are all there is.

  2. Delta says:

    Doesn’t the packet ask you guys to bid for a CO spot? So it can give those with less seniority a parole agents spot. Read it carefully. Thats how some got taken for a ride in the last one. If you bid for a C/O spot you could get sent to Blythe…DPA and their games. Check with your union.

  3. BeRealCO says:

    ALL retired annuitants should be RETIRED!!!! What a waste of money and lost jobs for the younger crowd of CO’s!

    • BeRealCO says:

      and if your over 50 and could RETIRE with at least 60% (20 years) of pay do so…enjoy life and save a job for someone with less time!

      • Superdog says:

        BeRealCO; You must be out of your mind? Look Brother, just because someone has 20 years in, does not mean they should retire! Who can live on 60% of there Salary? Do you want these people to quit just to save your sorry butt as you were not smart enough to start out early in the job! Shame on you!. A lot of people with 20 years have not met the age requirement. Others have, but it is still a personal choice. Some folks are at an age (40-45) that would make it hard to be retrained at this time in the economy. This is the blurring ugly back stabbing stuff that should go away.

  4. 2/3rdsCobra says:

    Every Rank & File PA received one that is assigned to an impacted office. I have 24 years and I got one. If your office has a final wave parolee population estimation that mandates X number of Agents (52-1 GP or 40-1 290) and your seniority puts you in line for one of those positions, then it’s likely you won’t be impacted (laid off). FWIW, this State wide bid process is outside the SROA lay-off process.

  5. 1962 says:

    Bob, they initially told us last year (those of us with B-6 time) that we could not go back to the prisons. Now if layed off we can only go back as a C/O if there is a prison in the county you work in. If you bid back and get a C/O spot, we have to go to a modified C/O Academy.

    • Alley Cat says:

      Yeah, I heard the academy will be three weeks for those going back as a CO if they have custody experience. For those who don’t have custody experience, it will be the whole 16 weeks.

  6. 1962 says:

    We received “Realignment Wave 2 Bid” packets last Thursday. It appears they went out to staff with up to 18 years. We are to either opt out or bid on C/O positions (and a few PA spots) that are available throughout the state. You bid and win a spot per your seniority, or if you don’t, I guess you get layed off when your time comes. There is to be up to, I believe 6 total waves and they already are sending out packets to staff with 18 years.
    Great time for Region 3 to bring back 2 Retired Annuitants, (as they did a couple of months ago) don’t you think.