Krupp Files: Larry Karlton, Killers’ Champion

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Citizens and governor of California caught trying to prolong incarceration for violent criminals

Larry Karlton is the hero of the openly communist prisoner rights movement.  But he's no Commie: They're TOUGH on criminals.

Judge Lawrence Karlton is a champion of the overtly communist prisoner rights movement.  But he’s no Pinko: Communists are TOUGH on criminals.

Pro Crime Judge Larry to the rescue, Let murderers out sooner!

Richard Krupp, PhD
Well known pro-crime advocate, Larry Karlton, working as a federal judge, threw out two laws designed to protect California citizens. Larry thought there was a risk of extended incarceration for his protected group– criminals. One law known as “The Victims’ Bill of Rights” was an easy target for Larry. How could victims possibly have any rights?

According to the Sacramento Bee, March 2, 2014:

“Proposition 9, a ballot initiative passed by the voters in 2008, and Proposition 89, passed by the voters in 1988, “retrospectively increased punishments, in violation of the Ex Post Facto Clause of the U.S. Constitution,” Karlton declared Friday

in a 58-page order.”

Proposition 9, the so-called “Victims’ Bill of Rights” or “Marsy’s Law,” mandated longer periods of time between parole hearings, which Karlton said results in a risk of longer sentences for prisoners than they faced when their crimes were committed.

Proposition 89 granted the governor the right to review and reverse paroles already approved by the Board of Parole Hearings in murder cases. Karlton said every governor since passage of the measure has abused that power by blocking a large majority of the paroles they reviewed.

Judge Larry also told the governor to quit reversing already-approved paroles while applying the same factors the board considered.

The Bee article went on to say;

Karlton decided the 2008 law “creates a significant risk” of longer incarceration than was the case when the crimes were committed. He said he based the conclusion on evidence presented at a non-jury trial before him last summer and accounts of terms actually lengthened by the law that were submitted by prisoners’ attorneys.

In February 2010 the judge Larry barred enforcement of parts of the measure, ruling that the Ex Post Facto Clause would likely allow life-term prisoners to prevail on the merits of their attack on reduced availability and frequency of parole hearings.

But, 10 months later, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the injunction, ruling that the proposition “does not create a significant risk of prolonging … incarceration.” The opinion rests on the part of the initiative enabling the board to advance a hearing to an earlier date when a prisoner can show “a reasonable likelihood” that they are suitable for release.

The voters wanted to correct their perceived “weakness” in the existing law, “namely too many murderers being paroled too soon,” Karlton observed. “The governors have carried out the people’s will by putting their fingers on the scale and reversing 70 percent of parole grants for these class members.

What kind of demonic thought process does Judge Larry employ when he comes up with these asinine rulings? This is the same idiot named “liberal Lunatic of the day” in 2005 after his decision in a pledge of allegiance case, He ruled that the pledge’s reference to one nation “under God” violates school children’s right to be “free from a coercive requirement to affirm God and is unconstitutional.”

The good citizens of California are subjected to the dictates of this of this fool with no apparent recourse. Through the initiative process laws are enacted by the citizens only to have the will of the people overturned by a miscreant like Larry Karlton. Larry also is a “Prison Realignment Advocate” for the criminals in his spare time. The good citizens of California have to keep wishing things will change for the better; that the evil will burn out.

Here are some selected lyrics from the song, When we come alive, by the band, Switchfoot

The sun goes down like a photograph
You try to stop time in the aftermath
But it’s gone, gone
Yesterday reads like a tragedy
I try not to lose what’s left of me
But it’s gone
Yeah, but we carry on

And it’s one last time to the wishing well
I throw down the change and I wish them well
But they’re gone
Yeah, but we’ll carry on

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One Comment to “Krupp Files: Larry Karlton, Killers’ Champion”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    With any luck the state will appeal the issue and liberal looney Larry will again be overturned.