LA County: Realignment through lens of reality

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Questions Of Parolee Supervision Persist In State’s Prison Realignment Program

"Experts charged with assessing the impact of prison realignment in Los Angeles County say the jury isn't in yet.
Assessing the impact of prison realignment in Los Angeles County is problematic: The jury isn’t in yet.

CBS Los Angeles

WESTLAKE DISTRICT ( — …About 4,000 prisoners have been released from state prisons without the supervision and strict rules of the state’s parole department. These prisoners were put under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Probation Department and when the county office was overwhelmed, the Los Angeles Police Department moved an estimated 150 officers to head the compliance units that visit paroled prisoners…

Compliance checks are being carried out in every police district in Los Angeles as part of the state’s 2-year-old prison realignment program, or AB 109, designed to relieve prison overcrowding by releasing some prisoners and transferring others to local jails.

Inmates are not let out early under AB 109, but when they are released they are no longer supervised by the state’s parole department. Instead, parolees are accountable to a patchwork of county probation departments and local law enforcement…

But some community activists believe the number of prisoners being released on probation is taking its toll.

“In general terms, violent crime in LA, as we’re told and I believe, is down,” Police Community Representative Jean Sinatra said. “However, property crime is skyrocketing all over Los Angeles, and I believe it’s because there is a never-ending supply, an increasing number of people committing theses crimes…”(Full text and VIDEO at CBS Los Angeles)

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  1. Bob Walsh says:

    Reality is, at times, a real bitch.