LA concedes GPS tracking a widespread failure

Feb 26th, 2014 | By | Category: Electronic Monitoring, Realignment

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3 Comments to “LA concedes GPS tracking a widespread failure”

  1. LA Sleuth says:

    Telephone has been ringing off the hook. Obtained information that Maria Franco soon to retire and may be hired on by Margarita Perez with the Los Angeles County Probation Dept. Those that have actual information please contact the Union which represents the Los Angeles County Probation officers and the writer of the Los Angeles Times news article. If Powers thinks he has problems now just wait if Franco hires on .

  2. LA Sleuth says:

    A very good article. Sounds a lot like the Division of Adult Parole Operations. I was informed that a male parole agent who failed to run his GPS tracks on a High Risk male parolee gang member who was subsequently arrested by LAPD for murder was protected by Maria Franco, Joe Martinez and a recently retired female Parole Administrator all from the formally Region 3 . With Margareta Perez being one of two Deputy Chief Probation officers in Los Angeles County one must ask why she and others established so many violation zones for convicted sex offenders ( AB 109 ). Did they somehow forget that STAY on Jessica’s Law Residence requirement by the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge back in 2010. What a waste of stakeholders money. Also makes one wonder if someone got their pockets lined by the company that sold the faulty equipment ( GPS devices ) to the county in the first place.

    • kl2008a says:

      Way back when the State was talking about possibly using the GPS devices to track felons I often said I wish I knew where I could invest some $$ into the company that made or marketed the devices (I’d venture to be that some of our senior Administrators did). Nowadays, probably the product is made with Chinese prison labor and has tech support from Bumphuck India.