KVSP intercepts contraband bonanza

Aug 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Security, Spotlight

Dope drop included 3 Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers

Today Paco shares a note and some pics from our friends at Kern Valley State Prison.

Kudos to the alert staff who intercepted the 2 back packs, preventing dangerous contraband from reaching the population–Just imagine the cholesterol spike some unfortunate con would have experienced had those cheeseburgers slipped by…

“Here at NKSP our inmates don’t always eat cheeseburgers, but when they do they prefer Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carl’s Jr!!!

The following contraband was intercepted on 7-31-2012 prior to it making it onto the yard (Facility M).   Just FYI for the supervisors working “M” Facility and OP Sgt: The inmate population is going to do whatever it takes to get their fix. Let’s all be safe out there.

The following is a list of items discovered in two back packs.”

  • 5—Bindles of Methamphetamine
  • 2—Bags of Marijuana
  • 9—Bags of Tobacco
  • 3—Pouches of Tobacco
  • 13—Cellular Telephones
  • 13—Cellular Telephone Chargers
  • 2—Glass Pipes
  • 12—Hypodermic Needles
  • 6—Lighters
  • 3—Match Books
  • 10—Rolling Paper Cartons
  • 3—Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers
  • 1—USB Cord
  • 2—Bags of Loose Tobacco

To view full sized images, click the links below:
KVSP Contraband-001.jpg
KVSP Contraband-002.jpg
KVSP Contraband-003.jpg
KVSP Contraband-004.jpg
KVSP Contraband-005.jpg
KVSP Contraband-006.jpg
KVSP Contraband-007.jpg
KVSP Contraband-008.jpg


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6 Comments to “KVSP intercepts contraband bonanza”

  1. simonizr says:

    We used to get a lot of bust at ASP on 1st watch. Now we don’t have the staffing so I’m sure the crap is coming in by the butt full.

  2. 2nd Career says:

    This didn’t come in from visiting? I’m surprised!

  3. kl2008a says:

    This morning I saw a CDC breakdown of cell phones confiscated from 1/1/12 to 7/1/12 – over 7,000! Avenal had the highest number. So imagine that for every phone found/confiscated there are at least 2-3 more that are still floating around out there. Oh, by the way, have you called home to make sure the beer is still cold?

  4. WDC says:

    K9 if available should not even bother with the bacon or burgers. Great bust by staff, article doesn’t say who had the packs or who searched them. Somebody should get an attaboy from CDCR as this was a nice pinch. Don’t know what the value behind the wall would be, but I’ll bet it’s a bunch and I bet some prison gang isn’t going to be happy. Oh, when they’re not happy, they will get a piece of somebody.

  5. Bob Walsh says:

    Clearly the prison should act to close down all Carl’s Juniors in the area as a public safety issue.

  6. Gadfly says:

    Perhaps the smugglers thought the smell of the burgers might mask the odor of marijuana, should a K-9 handler’s have dog alerted on the back packs? Could happen.