Krupp Files: Living with Misplaced Compassion Disorder

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Sufferers of Misplaced Compassion Disorder (MCD), also known as Love Criminal Disorder (LCD), are unable to distinguish between actual victims and victimizers. It is endemic in the liberal population.

Governor Brown does battle with thoughtless minds suffering from personality disorder

Richard Krupp, PhD

An article recently cited by Paco from the Long Beach Press Telegram, Constitutional crisis over prisons draws nearer, caught my attention. District Judges Lawrence Karlton of Sacramento and Thelton Henderson of San Francisco and Appellate Judge Stephen Reinhardt of Los Angeles “ employed words like “defiance,” “intransigence” and “deliberate failure” by Brown and his appointed officials at the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to comply with their prior orders.”

Governor Browns attempts to put a halt to the tide of inmate releases faces opposition from these judges and lack of support from Senate Pro Tem Steinberg. Karlton a former ACLU volunteer has in the past ruled the “under God” part of the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional and evidently has yet to find an inmate-cause he does not support. Steinberg feels rehabilitative programs will reduce the prison population. I seem to recall an audit that found a lawyer/parolee mentoring program Steinberg was associated with back when I worked in the audit office. This particular program was cited for having parolee sleep-overs, lunch at Hooters, etc. Is this the type of rehabilitative program that works?

It is difficult for me to understand how these judges and some legislators can have such seemingly anti-public safety opinions; such thoughtless minds. In keeping with Steinberg’s “mental health” theme I came up with a possible explanation for their behavior. They are suffering from Misplaced Compassion Disorder (MCD) and/or Love the Criminal Disorder (LCD).These disorders are not in the DSM, but maybe someday.

The symptoms include:

  1. Irrational support of criminal elements of society to the determent of law abiding citizens.
  2. A disdain regarding those with a differing and more logical opinions.
  3. A failure to recognize the wisdom of the majority.

I used to include Governor Brown in the group suffering from MCD or LCD, but he seems to have made some improvements. It may be difficult for the Governor to fight the disorder, but I have found some encouraging words for him. A song called This Disorder by the singing group, The Features.   Maybe the Governor can sing the song while he does battle with those thoughtless minds afflicted with MCD and LCD. I’m having trouble standing still, and when I do my mind starts to reel, Is this the way that I should feel?

Is there a need to be concerned
Have they done studies, what have they learned?
I fear that soon I’ll lose my nerve

This disorder!
What’s happening to me?
Well I need some answers

The problem here is plain to see,
Commonly known as an LCD, an LCD
and you need more activity
Well I think I know a remedy.

Just shake your arms and move your feet,
and pretty soon you will find a beat,
Find a beat,
And do what happens naturally.

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2 Comments to “Krupp Files: Living with Misplaced Compassion Disorder”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    I strongly suspect this disorder is a symptom of the psychological inability to make moral judgements abut individual acts of behavior. For instance, if a person has problems with the idea that “child molestation is morally wrong” they may merely urge those making judgements about child molestation (i.e. judges, juries and law-makers) to make allowances and have understanding for the perpetrators lousy upbringing or poor level of intelligence or the possible effects of fetal alcohol syndrome. Virtually any evil, immoral act can therefore be substantially mitigated, excused, blamed on others or explained away. This removes the necessity of making a moral judgement about the act itself, and therefore the actor.

    Of course it doesn’t really matter. The end result is the same, even it you get there by a slightly different path.

    Knocked another one out of the park Krupp. Happy Fourth to you.

  2. Oomph says:

    Dr krupp for governor!!!!!! Or new warden at chcf!!!!!