Kern burglaries skyrocket: Realigned reprobates responsible?

Jul 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Realignment, Spotlight

Residential burglaries are up 32% in Kern County since AB109 ‘realigned’ offenders.  Offenders love the new system, as do alarm companies and gun shops.

Spike in burglaries: Prison realignment to blame?

KGET Channel 17 Bakersfield
Kern County is dealing with a spike in break-ins and burglaries. With summer here, Sheriff’s deputies say the number of thefts are expected to get worse. Could the increase be linked to the state’s prison realignment plan?

Burglaries are up this year in the city and especially the county. County Probation says the increase may be tied to the number of inmates getting out of jail early…

“There is no room in the jail to hold everybody. They’re holding the most serious offenders. The ones that are actually serving time do very little time in jail,” said David Kuge, Chief Probation Officer.

They do little time in jail because of realignment. It has been nine months since Assembly Bill 109, the prison realignment plan, went into effect. Responsibility for supervising parolees has shifted from the state to counties…

In Kern County, residential burglaries for the first six months of this year, compared to the first six months of last year are up 32 percent. Burglaries at businesses have also spiked 8 percent. In the city, burglaries have gone up 12 percent…

Probation officers tell 17 News the effect of realignment will take months to track…(Full text at

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5 Comments to “Kern burglaries skyrocket: Realigned reprobates responsible?”

  1. west40 says:

    flogging should be legal

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    It should be obvious. If you don’t have any place to lock up criminals they have very little incentive to stop committing crimes. Most repeat criminals think of themselves as “criminals”, that is how they describe their job. They will continue to commit crimes until they are too old or too dead to keep doing so. The only way to incapacitate them is to lock them up. If you don’t have any place to lock them up they keep doing it. The fact that they got caught is of zero significance to them. They have gotten caught before, they will get caught again. Jail is merely a very brief vacation from the streets for them.

    • Howie Katz says:

      Bob, how can you be so hard nosed? Have you no compassion for your fellow human beings? Don’t you believe in the inherent nature of man to do good? These poor souls that have been released under realignment just made a few MISTAKES in the past. Just ask any social worker, bleeding heart judge or human rights activist, and they’ll tell you that those free on realignment are quite anxious to show their appreciation to Gov. Moonbeam by becoming church-going, charitable and productive California citizens. Shame on you Bob!

      • Bob Walsh says:

        In order: No, only for those deserving of it, and Yes, but I’m not stupid about it. I guess I am just a grump.