Kelso about to lay off hundreds of his minions

Dec 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Courts, Furloughs & Layoffs, Medical (Inmate Healthcare)



The Prison Health Care Receiver, J. Clark Kelso, is about to issue 2,200 layoff notices to employees of his agency, in order to effect about 829 layoffs of personnel.  (I’ll bet you had no idea his little bureaucratic kingdom was that  large, did you?)  His people are saying that, while his office will continue oversight, the actual management of the system is being transferred slowly back to CDCr.

Clicking here will link to a brief State Worker Blog piece on this story.

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2 Comments to “Kelso about to lay off hundreds of his minions”

  1. BC says:

    As one of these ‘Minions’ (but pre-receivership and when CDCR was CDC) I have seen that their is a disproportionate amount of front line staff being layed off verses the newly hired executive staff and supervisory staff. Even heard some SRN’s bragging about that very point. But that’s ok, already the overtime is starting to again roll in for most of us as most SRN’s and excutive staff are unwilling/unable to fill in the gaps when staff call in sick and we no longer have any relief staff hired. Of course this won’t come to light for another year when the year end overtime tallys hit the sacbee. The way I see it, for the salaries paid to these executive positions (and their is alot more executive positions created than just a CEO, for each institution); if you layed off 50% of those positions, you could avoid most if not all layoffs of front line staff and still show a cost savings (and also remove about 6 layers more of red tape that we all have to now endure). But I digress. I’ve been a long time reader of this blog and really appreicate it and the information it provides. Night all.

  2. JC says:

    Will that include the “custody liasons”, some of whom were FIRED by CDCR?