Juicy political sex scandal

Feb 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Miscellany, Politics-General

Those of Paco’s readers who have been following the Nadia Lockyer case probably figured there was something else going on there.  Looks like that is in fact the case.

You might remember that Mrs. Lockyer was involved in an incident at a hotel in Newark that got violent and involved her and a male acquaintance.  You might also remember that Mrs. Lockyer is the wife of the state Treasurer and a member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.  The man involved in the situation has a history of drug arrests.

It appears that the male friend has a tape of himself and Mrs. Lockyer engaged in sexual activity.  He has sent a copy of tape to Bill Lockyer and threatened to make its contents public.  Bill Lockyer states that the man is a former boyfriend of his wife and has been stalking her.  The Alameda County D.A., who is a personal friend of Lockyer, has looked into the matter and declined to act.  It is their opinion that Mrs. Lockyer has been engaging in a consensual, ongoing relationship with the man, based on emails and sexually explicit photographs on her computer.

It is so far unclear as to why the boyfriend would have sent a copy of the tape to Lockyer.  There does not appear to be any direct blackmail going on, according to the D.A.

Clicking here will link to a pretty good SFGATE piece on this story.

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