Judge sides with Munger on ballot positioning switcheroo (at least for now)

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Budget, Courts, Politics-General, Politics-Relevant;

A judge has sided with Molly Munger in her objection to the proposed change in the rules that would guarantee Jerry’s “Tax those rich bastards” initiative the spot at the top of the November ballot.

Specifically Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley has blocked the Secretary of State from issuing numbers to the ballot initiatives until the court has had time to review the issue.  Munger’s rival “It’s for the children” tax plan would normally have been placed ahead of Jerry’s under the old rules where numbers were assigned in the order that the initiatives were qualified.  Due to the fact that Munger’s plan is a law rather than a constitutional amendment the signature requirements were much lower and it qualified much quicker.

Clicking here will link to a Capitol Alert piece on this story.

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