Jerry starts the furlough ball rolling

Jul 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Furloughs & Layoffs, Politics-Relevant;, Unions


Jerry has started the furlough process for the bargaining units who haven’t bought the okeydoke from him on the furlough plan.

About 11,000 state engineers and not quite 1,000 plant operators are about to get hammered.  It should be noted the engineers were one of the groups who won the lawsuit last month and got a significant amount of back pay from Arnold’s furlough plan.  They are being given the same 8 hours as everybody else, and told to eat it now and grieve it if that’s what makes them feel good.

Clicking here will link to a State Worker Blog piece on this, with a further link to the text of the memo that went out from DPA on this subject.

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