Jerry Brown is a blackmailer

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The High-Speed Rail project is in trouble.  Everybody knows it.  Jerry wants it built, no matter the cost.  He has said so.  So, like any other self-respecting pack of thugs Jerry and Darrell Steinberg have gotten together to blackmail the legislature and others to try to ensure its passage.

The method is simple, they are setting up an all-or-nothing vote with a bunch of other sort-of similar projects tied together, like $140 million for new BART cars, money to modernize CalTrain and money for the SF subway project.

They need 21 votes in the Senate to start spending buckets full of the bond money, that is at least six more votes than they actually have.  Two bay area legislators are still in the NO column and this packaging is aimed at them, and people like them.  So far both of them, Mark DeSaulnier and Joe Simitian, are hanging tough.

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6 Comments to “Jerry Brown is a blackmailer”

  1. BigDaddy says:

    This money would be much better spent on more projects like BART and subway systems in LA and the Bay Area. A HSR doesn’t do much good if you have to drive to and from it.

    Supporters always point to Europe and Japan for their train systems, but forget that those began with huge amounts of money from the US after the world wars, and that they built the infrastructure in the cities first. Trains work over their because you can go to just about any corner and hop on a street car or subway. You can ride to the train station and take a train to another city. And most of all, it costs very little to do so. No driving required.

  2. cmf c/o says:

    Here is hoping the whole lot of them see what boondoggle this is madera to Fresno at a billion a mile or whatever the ridiculous cost. Money better spent elsewhere. Who in those large metropolitan areas (youngish wedged in cheek) would ride it since existing rail beds between the large metropolitan areas are privately owned(nor would thy support a train of this nature) leading to the second point right of ways also no longer exist bringing on the fact that either massive convocation of property (likely through eminent domain) or massive cost to acquire such land. We neither need nor want this so called progress and all it entails.

  3. Kate K says:

    Sad part is he, along with others placed items like the veteran home in Fresno that cost millions and sits empty into the triggers, thus saying unless you vote yes on the tax increases the veterans will continue not to be able to use it. But the HSR was NOT placed into the triggers.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      HSR is Jerry’s baby. He sees it as his legacy, moving California into the 21st century. He is a true believer. Nothing anybody can say will convince him that it is a stupid idea, especially under the current financial circumstances.

  4. BigDaddy says:

    Govenor Brown wanted his legacy to come from his water works project on the Delta during his last term. It never happened, and his only legacy was that of being a crazy idiot. Now that he has somehow swindled his way back into the Govenor’s office, the oppurtunity to build a legacy for himself through High Speed Rail is just to tempting to pass up. Damn the budget, the employees who work for the state, or anyone else who suffers during this economy, Jerry will be remembered as the man who brought the train.

    He may regret that legacy when the whole thing is a failure, both to the enviroment, and in ridership. I see this whole thing as a giant pit for which goverment dollars will be poured for years to come.

    • Howie Katz says:

      A ‘crazy idiot’ he was. And that says something about CCPOA for supporting old Moonbeam and those that voted to put him back in office. That’s why I call it Kookfornia.