Jerry and CDCr trying to weasel on population cap

Aug 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Alternatives to Public Safety, Courts, Crime and Non-Punishment

When it came time to file papers Friday to the federal court to indicate what the state was going to do to meet the population cap, the current administration had an interesting take on the matter.  They didn’t do it.

The state’s legal brief asserts that early release planning is “unwarranted” and asked the court to suspend enforcement of the overcrowding limits.  The state further asserts that “continued enforcement of the population reduction order will be unnecessary and legally inappropriate.”

The state says they can get down to 145% by the June 2013 deadline, but not to 137.5%.  The PLO is having a hissy fit, as one might expect.

Clicking here will link to an SFGATE piece on this story.

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