Is this any way to run a crime lab?

Jul 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Alternatives to Public Safety, Budget, Crime and Non-Punishment


The Alameda County Grand Jury had some harsh things to say about the Oakland PD operations, especially their crime lab and fingerprint section.  There has apparently been a 100% turnover of staff, including supervisory staff, at the lab in the last few years.  At one time they had zero fingerprint examiners and were shipping all of their work to Contra Costa County, resulting in huge backlogs.  As of late last year the had 1,118 requests for fingerprint analysis in the pipeline and the department is seriously considering ashcanning all non-homicide requests over three years old.

No wonder Oakland has the highest violent crime rate in California.  Unless you get caught in the act the chances are you will never get caught at all.

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