Intolerance of the left

May 6th, 2014 | By | Category: Politics-General

confederate_flag_MEDThe formerly great state of California is moving even further (if that is possible) into PC land with the proposal of AB2444 by Isadore Hall, (D-Compton).

Hall introduced the bill after his mommy was terribly offended (offering offense is a prime bugaboo to good liberals, except when it is done BY liberals of course) by replica (fake) Confederate money being offered for sale in the gift shot at the state capitol building.  This bill (which passed the assembly 72-1) would, if it makes it into law, make it illegal to display or offer for sale ANY item with an image of the Confederate flag on it within the state capitol bulding.

Only Tim Donnelly had the stones to vote against it.

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2 Comments to “Intolerance of the left”

  1. pacovilla says:

    Frankly, one needn’t be a leftist to object to the concept of a state government outlet vending the preeminent symbol of insurrection in the USA. With all due respect to those who feel pride in a Confederate past, I find it reprehensible. That is the flag of rebellion, civil war and, yes, slavery. If the Constitution permitted the symbol being banned, I would support it but it does not.

    In any case, I think the proposed law is silly–The Speaker has authority to ban it on his own and he SHOULD.

  2. Howie Katz says:

    Shit, I once had a bucketful of bonafide Confederate money, I held onto the worthless paper until I finally realized the South was not going to rise again.

    Bob, do they sell the sheet music to ‘Dixie’ in the capitol gift shop? I can just see Izzie’s mommy going ape if she found that for sale there.