Interesting take on Proposition 35

Oct 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Politics-Relevant;

Proposition 35 would vastly increase some penalties for sex trafficking.  Most reasonable people are against the practice, and strongly so.

There is an interesting Op/Ed piece in today’s Sacramento PRAVDA that takes a somewhat different look at it.  The author of the piece, Stephen Munkelt, is a criminal defense lawyer so he might be more than a tad prejudiced.  He opines that the act would “fill up” the prisons and be abused by prosecutors.  Does that mean it has the potential to be applied or used abusively?  Of course it has that potential, as does any law.  Does that mean it will?

His notion that a many could be imprisoned for life for sex trafficking for buying a woman dinner on the implied condition she have sex with him seems a bit farfetched.  Possible maybe, but farfetched.  It could (so he says) be used against persons who make legal porn film.  He asserts that many of the victims of sex trafficking are illegal aliens and that their cases would normally be under federal law anyway, so this proposal is supposedly unhelpful.

Does he have a valid point?  Read it for yourself.  Clicking here will link to it.

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