Inside out: Realignment doesn’t deliver

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Realignment Package Of Lies

The Mainstream Media recently discovered prison realignment is a pack of lies. The public seems unconcerned, so far.

The Package of Lies is Unfolding

Richard Krupp, PhD

I came across an article in the print version of the Sacramento Bee on February 24, 2013, “PRISON REALIGNMENT, Sex offenders disable GPS with little risk, REVIEW FINDS PAROLE VIOLATOR AS UNPUNISHED BECAUSE JAILS ARE FULL,” by Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times.  Here are some excerpts from the abbreviated/abridged version now available on-line.

Thousands of paroled child molesters, rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in California are removing or disarming their court-ordered GPS tracking devices, a Times investigation has found, and some have been charged with new crimes, including sexual battery, kidnapping and attempted manslaughter.

Before prison realignment took effect, sex offenders who breached parole remained behind bars, awaiting hearings that could send them back to prison for up to a year. Now, the maximum penalty is 180 days in jail, but many never serve that time.

With so little deterrent, parolees “certainly are feeling more bold,” said Jack Wallace, an executive at the California Sex Offender Management Board.

Rithy Mam, a convicted child stalker, was arrested three times in two months after skipping parole and was freed almost immediately each time. After his third release, his GPS alarm went off and he vanished, law enforcement records show.

The next day, he turned up in a Stockton living room where a 15-year-old girl was asleep on the couch, police said. The girl told police she awoke to find the stranger staring at her and that he asked “Wanna date?” before leaving the home.

Police say Mam went back twice more that week and menaced the girl and her 13-year-old sister, getting in by giving candy to a toddler, before authorities recaptured him in a local park. He is in custody on new charges of child molestation.

Parole officials have filed complaints with the California State Auditor, an oversight agency, accusing the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation of, in part, practicing “secrecy and avoidance” on a public safety issue.

Corrections officials denied avoiding the issue and pointed to the online GPS arrest warrants as evidence of their public disclosure.

This link should take you to the full story,

It appears the media is beginning to crack open the realignment package and discovering things that were described in the past by many people connected with the community.

The realignment package sold to the taxpayers contains the following lies:

  • Only Non-serious, Non-violent, Non-sex offenders will be released.
  • Counties can take better care of low level offenders.
  • GPS will make you safe. Criminals will be monitored.
  • Drug, education, job skill anger and mental problems can be fixed with talk therapy.

Here is the message that was sent to criminals:

  • Property crimes are not going to get you prison time; maybe not even jail time.
  • Sex criminals are free once they get out of prison.
  • GPS monitors are optional.
  • Your criminal behavior will be excused if you claim drug, educational, job skill or mental problems. It’s not your fault.

Can the leak be plugged or will the dam burst?

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4 Comments to “Inside out: Realignment doesn’t deliver”

  1. pacovilla says:

    NOTE: I deleted the thread started by a parolee. is not such a forum. We have important, non-personal, matters to address. -ED

  2. Dick Kirby says:

    We are governed by the clueless, at work managed by the unqualified and asked to do the impossible but with a ton of excess paperwork thrown in. That is a day in the life with realignment. Did I forget to say at great risk to the general public.

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    If you tolerate bad behavior, you get more bad behavior.

    Failure to be truthful with the public (and with themselves) leads lawmakers to make stupid decisions that are not easily corrected.

    Good intentions and current buzzwords will not “fix” criminality.

    Locking criminals up is expensive, but it works.

    Realignment is a lie, based on dishonest politics and a flawed premise.