Innocent Man Killed In Police Pursut Of Parolee

Aug 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Gold Star Parolee, Katz Litterbox, Parole

katz-litter4When California parolee Cedric Ramirez opened fire on pursuing police from inside a Pico Rivera house, a L.A. sheriff’s deputy mistook Frank Mendoza for the parolee and shot the innocent man dead as he was fleeing his home

On Friday evening cops were in pursuit of Cedric Ramirez, a California parolee.  During the pursuit, Ramirez broke into a Pico Rivera house.  When officers tried to remove the residents from the home, Ramirez opened fire on them.  The cops then took up a defensive position in the front yard.  As Frank Mendoza fled out the front door of his home, a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy mistook him for Ramirez and shot him twice, killing the innocent man.

Ramirez stayed in the house, holding Mendoza’s wife hostage.  After eight hours of futile negotiations, a SWAT team rushed the house and shot the scumbag dead.  Mrs. Mendoza was not hurt.

On a number of occasions I have lamented the fact that cops are piss-poor shots.  It’s too bad that in this instance, the deputy who killed Mendoza was a good shot.

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7 Comments to “Innocent Man Killed In Police Pursut Of Parolee”

  1. bulldogger says:

    To clarify as the press got it wrong, ramirez was AB109’er not a parolee. The deputies invovlved were on one of those LASD ab109 compliance teams along with a unarmed LA county probation officer.

    • Howie Katz says:

      To me that seems like a technicality. I don’t see a difference. The turd was on parole being supervised by L.A. County, instead of state parole agents. A rose by any other name.

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    This is one of those tragic situation that happens from time to time in the real world. My condolences to the dead man’s family, and to the cop, who is no doubt not feeling real good right now.

    • Howie Katz says:

      I have a problem with Mendoza’s shooting. Did the deputy bother to take a look-see whether Mendoza was armed or not? It appears as though he was fast on the trigger.

      • pacovilla says:

        I’m with you, Howie. First, you must assume innocents are in an invaded home. 2nd, unless Mr. Mendoza has a gun or something that looked like one, you don’t shoot. To wit, only one deputy did so.

        Inasmuch as LEO’s only shoot to protect themselves and public safety, this one is hard to explain, much less justify.

        Too bad the Sheriff didn’t enlist that special LAPD Christopher Dorner Protection Detail–They shot dozens of rounds at two LA Times ladies and just nicked ’em.

        • Howie Katz says:

          But, Paco, those LAPD cops were not totally incompetent shooters. In the shooting frenzy, they did manage to hit the proverbial side of the barn. They totaled the truck driven by the two LA Times ladies. And to their further credit, somehow they also managed not to shoot each other.

          • pacovilla says:

            Good point. Then again, how many rounds missed? They never showed photos of the trees and other down-range obstacles, just the truck…