Inmates would receive state applications under proposed law

Jun 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Humor, Parody, Satire

Editorial: State job applications for inmates just makes sense

‘Offender Contender’ modeled after ‘Motor Voter’

Sacramento Bee
Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, is carrying another bill that seeks to reduce the recidivism rate for ex-offenders by improving their job prospects. Assembly Bill 1844 would require the Corrections Department to make state job application forms available to inmates.

Modeled after the enormously successful and cost effective National Voter Registration Act of 1993 or “Motor Voter” program, the bill has been dubbed “The ‘Offender Contender’ Anti-Crime Act of 2012by the author.

Dickinson presented the Bill as a companion measure to AB 1831, currently pending committee action, prohibiting public agencies from inquiring about criminal history on job applications.

Just as common sense says reformed criminals should be permitted to apply for civil service jobs, making applications available to them in our jails and prisons makes sense too–Under this proposal, prisons are to applying for a state job what DMV offices are to applying to vote.  Guards would be charged with distributing the documents to interested inmates and route them to the appropriate agency once the application is completed…(Full text at Sacramento Bee)

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6 Comments to “Inmates would receive state applications under proposed law”

  1. Donald Ingram says:

    These idiots cannot even balance the budget and they are worried about giving inmates and application for a job Who in their right mind would hire a molester, rapist or drug dealer. You actually think these criminals would continue making minimum wage when they can make ten times more selling drugs or what ever? They will eventually go back to doing what they did that got them thrown in prison for more money. No wonder this state is going down the tubes.

  2. pacovilla says:

    OK. Most of you noticed this post is listed under the category “Humor, Parody, Satire.” AB 1844 “The ‘Offender Contender’ Anti-Crime Act of 2012″ is a hoax Paco crafted to parody the equally ridiculous AB 1831

    It is getting harder to get a QUACK out of the readership and that’s a good thing.

  3. Whitman'shousekeeper says:

    I heard that Meg Whitman is going to further her plan to privatize the prison system. She is making plans to buy up the new Folsom Womens Facility near FSP and she is planing to hire parolees to work there and she is going to pay them with EBT cards.
    GO WHINNY!!!!

  4. Stillworkin says:

    This year keeps getting better, and better. What crap will our political leaders think up next.