I Am A Dangerous Man Because I Support The Death Penalty

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Grits for Breakfast followers say prison guards and cops are losers and ‘low lifes’

Grits for Breakfast had a July 30 post on a court ruling that Texas prison inmates can sue the state because its prisons are not air conditioned.

An ‘Anonymous’ passionately opposed to the death penalty commented that “I oppose the death penalty in all cases, unconditionally, regardless of the method chosen to kill the condemned prisoner. The death penalty is inherently cruel and degrading, a cruel punishment that is incompatible with human dignity…..Recently a 30-yr-old death row inmate didn’t even make it to the death chamber. He just died of neglect, heat, and god knows what. Every TDCJ employee is responsible of murdering him by an act of silent participation. Mercenaries, ruthless mercenaries.”

Here is what I said to him:

It is obvious that you have never witnessed what some subhuman pieces of shit do to their victims. I for one, have seen a good number of murder victims who were brutalized beyond belief before they mercifully died. The perpetrators of these horrible crimes should not be allowed to exist on this earth. The death penalty is a just and appropriate punishment for vicious killers. If you had seen what I have, you would sing a different tune.

Here is one of the responses:

Dear BarkGrowBite:

To whom are you addressing your post? The majority of inmates are not vicious killers and two wrongs do not make one right.

Many innocents “killers” have become free after decades of solitary confinement as they were proven innocent. You would have executed them, after torturing them, thus becoming a murderer yourself.

The last “vicious killer” on death row in Texas is mentally retarded and has an IQ of 85. (do YOU give a shit? I guess not.)

Sociopathy has been shown to be the product of 3 co-occurring things: early child abuse, brain damage and inherited factors. These three elements have been present in every research about sociopaths. These people are not sub-humans – they are just very, very sick and their sickness makes them do very, very evil things. Even if you don’t believe this and you believe they are pure evil,(and there may be pure evil, but I don’t believe that) I hope you will not get to their level.

The death penalty is institutionalized murder: all CIVILIZED western countries have done away with it. And, IF you want to execute someone, why the sadistic environment? What do YOU get out of torturing people? Who are you to be judge, jury and executioner?

Your post shows me that you too may be a sociopath.I hope not and I hope you were not or are not a policeman or a guard. You scare the daylights out of me. If your family was a victim of a horrendous crime, you have my sympathy and understanding. I encourage you to seek help.

If I had seen what you have (and I have on 2 occasions unfortunately) I would pity the killers for being who or what they are. I would pity their families for going through hell. I would pity, love, honor, revere, their innocent and unsuspecting victims and help their families (I do pro-bono work) – BUT I WOULD NEVER GET TO YOUR LEVEL OF THINKING. MY GUT FEELING TELLS ME YOU ARE A DANGEROUS MAN. WHO IN THE … . ARE YOU TO CALL ANYBODY SUB-HUMAN/ ??? God, I hope I am wrong about you, but the vibes are not good, not good.

I should not even answer you, I am scared of you. I only find the courage because, if I were silent, I would be guilty of a sin of omission. You are wrong: I don’t say this often I MUST say this now.

And another comment:

Bark Grow Bite. What a joke. Yes probably a corrupted prison guard or law enforcement low life. I guess he would have killed some of those 30 or so innocent people release from Texas Prisons and Texas Death Row also. Funny the state of Texas did kill one man that was found innocent after he was six feet in the ground. You need help and you think you know so much? Then why are you here wasting your time? Oh- I forgot, just another loser former prison guard who can no longer torture people.



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