Hundreds of state workers to get furlough back pay. None are Unit 6.

Feb 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Budget, Courts, Furloughs & Layoffs, Unions


Hundreds of both current and former state workers are going to get back the furlough pay they lost.  1,500 people will get several million dollars.  Those covered are or were employed by the California Lottery, the First 5 Commission, Prison Industries, the Earthquake Authority and the Housing Finance Agency.  PIA has already calculated they will have to kick down not quite $8 million.

The unions representing these groups recently settled their furlough lawsuits for back pay without interest for the period between 2009 and 2011.  These agencies are all special funds agencies rather than general fund agencies, like CDCr.

Clicking here will link to a very brief Sacramento PRAVDA piece on this story.

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7 Comments to “Hundreds of state workers to get furlough back pay. None are Unit 6.”

  1. Donkey Punch says:

    MJ should have tea-bagged JB a little better and we would have got our coin…. What do you expect? MJ agreed to destroy DJJ, Parole Division and 1/3 of the custody division instead…

  2. cmf c/o says:

    Well guess we will never get paid for all the hours we worked for no pay. Basically we were robbed of our just compensation for our honest toil.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I agree. It looked like the courts probably would not, which is why (allegedly) CCPOA cut it’s losses. Also the special funds agencies are dealt with differently from a budget standpoint than are general fund agencies. Sometimes there is a difference between “legal” and “right.” This might be one of those times.

  3. Steelheader says:

    You gotta be F!@#$%^ kidding me! I have NEVER bashed our union on this site, but enough is enough! We just dropped our lawsuit last week. No trial, no settlement, not a F!@#$%^ thing for our furlough case. What a bunch of bullshit! How much did MJ and company get kicked down to them from the Guv for dropping our suit against the state? Once again we got F!@#$% by our union. I’m F!@#$%^ tired of getting screwed without even a courtesy reach around. HEY EC Fuck Off!

    • steele.b says:

      MJ got an interest free loan for bout 4 million dollar that he allegedly inappropriately took/didn’t pay the state. In return for the state not looking to hard into how he got the 4 mil (most likely) he folded on the furlough lawsuit, fought 24 hr peace officer status for parole agents, didn’t fight re-alignment, is not negotiating to save CO’s existing position and jobs. We have been thrown under the bus and still lying in the bus route…more busses are coming. Look at what he has done lately and where we are and where he is. It’s just like the criminal who all of a sudden gets released from jail and charges are dropped, leaving you scratching your head and wondering how he managed it….til you realize that he’s snitching to save his ass and a new term. If you ask me, when the strongest union in the state turns into a spineless, give it up union…someone is saving their ass…doesn’t take much head scratching. The union has been hard at work negotiating…but for what/who.

      • 1962 says:

        Jimenez will continue to get re-elected until he finally retires, and then one of his stooges will succeed him. People will not learn.

      • CO_Acting CCPOA Pres. says:

        so so true!! I couldn’t agree with you more. We need to fight back on MJ and this weak ass union! I thought I was working with the best….well it didn’t take too long for me to realize I am working for a circus of clowns! When his term is up I sure hope someone has some balls to step up and protect our interests!! I would love to volunteer my bid for the seat and I will work for the unions members for FREE! And I won’t take any suggestions from outside the unions members. We’ll run it as though we own it!

        CDCR and CCPOA “retain” is the key word for you folks….think on corporate level here and make your investment work for you!