Hot News: Folsom inmate stabbed–Still Not News: Attempted murder of CPO

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CDCR: Correctional Officers don’t matter

As a rule, Paco doesn’t consider an inmate assault worthy of being the day’s Spotlight article. However, today I make an exception to underscore the priorities of the Administration…

Folsom prison inmate attacked, stabbed in exercise yard

David Ruiz | Sacramento Bee
July 31, 2012

An inmate suffered multiple stab wounds today in an attempted homicide at California State Prison, Sacramento, officials said.

The inmate – whose name is being withheld – was attacked in the main exercise yard in B facility, one of the three general population maximum-security yards at the prison, according to a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation news release…(Full text at Sacramento Bee)

Now, I remind you of the July 24 Spotlight post, Corcoran CO viciously slashed July 18: CDCR mum where we learned a notorious murderer tried to kill a transportation CO on July 18.  Paco excoriated CDCR for failing to conduct a conference call, relying on a confidential email to notify other facilities.

So, on July 31 an inmate was attacked and CDCR issued an official press release the same day–The article was posted that date and clearly credits a CDCR press release.  The attempted murder of a correctional officer doesn’t even merit a memo, much less a press release.  Or, did Paco simply miss the press release about the attack on our officer?

Let’s go to the source and see what “news” has been released to the media of late.  First, the “latest press releases” per the “OPEC” home page:

Latest Press Releases (8/2/12)


A search of the site reflects one press release prior to the July 18 assault and none until July 25:

So, it’s official: the public needs to know when an inmate is stabbed–When an officer is stabbed, it doesn’t merit a mention. The apprehension of a poo-butt walkaway is news, the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer is not. QED. –

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10 Comments to “Hot News: Folsom inmate stabbed–Still Not News: Attempted murder of CPO”

  1. donovan says:

    Give me a break with all the complaining about how bad the union is and blaming the reps. Lets get some things straight first of all. The reps do the vast majority of all the work to help keep you complainers safe. Also they dont get paid for this and actually know the contract language. Now how many of you actually have taken the time to read the contract let alone understand it. Let me close with this……… I attend monthly union meetings with the same 20 peolpe every month. Where the hell are all of you who bitch about our union when knowledge is passed at the meetings. Get off you asses and be part of the solution and not the problem.

  2. donger says:

    The union needs to go. They have been robbing us for the last several years and in fact has been an embarrassment to its fine members for just as long. We all need to stand up and rid this union of its leadership from the top on down to our local. The problem is that so many are within a few years of retirment and have lost the will to give a damn long ago.

    • Steve says:

      I have been to 2 different prison and both think our union and MJ are worthless. I don’t see why we can’t empty the trash and start a new.

  3. Capn Crunch says:

    When the so-called union, CCPOA, gets rid of it’s heirarchy and then grows another set of gonads things just might change. There is no one there, except maybe one or two, that really cares about the daily goings on of it’s members. It appears they are just there to take the money and party.If there was another union to join I think CCPOA would be in trouble.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I keep hearing that there are “a lot of people” upset with MJ and the EC, but when it comes down to it, nothing comes down. The only thing I can reasonably believe is that there is a very vocal but in reality VERY SMALL group that really does not like MJ or the way he has been running things, and that the huge majority are either happy, just don’t give a damn or think it doesn’t matter one way or the other..

      • BigDaddy says:

        The system is really rigged to favor the imcumbent EC as those before them. To get rid of them, the local chapter presidents need to vote them out. The local chapters know that they have no pull without the threat of calling the EC who have all the connections to politicians and important people they have helped get elected. Therefore they always support the EC, or they get blackballed. The staff at the prisons don’t want to replace the local chapter because they are their friends, and the guys who helped them out when they were in trouble.

        It would take a large scale replacement of all local chapter reps to oust the EC, and that will never happen. MJ will stay until he is ready to leave, and he will be replaced by someone he chooses just as he was himself.

    • pacovilla says:

      I understand your frustration, however, CDCR is the problem here, not the union. I do think CCPOA should be screaming bloody murder but, then again, it’s up to the local chapter to file a Health and Safety grievance, assuming there is still such thing, that is.

  4. kl2008a says:

    CDC looks at their employees as just “the help”. You know, a lower class of citizens that work for you day and night and you act like they aren’t even there, except when you have to blame something on someone sometimes.

  5. Bob Walsh says:

    Well, it is nice to know for sure what the Department thinks of it’s staff, even though there was very little doubt before.