Hancock Bill caves to Hungertard’s specious demands

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SHU’s to have IG oversight and inmate ‘advocates’

It is precisely this type of thing that Loni Hancock wants to stop...even though it isn't happening. (Zoom image)

It is precisely this type of thing that Loni Hancock wants to stop…even though it isn’t happening. (Zoom image)

Bill to Reform Solitary Confinement in State Prisons

By postnewsgroup

A bill by Senator Loni Hancock (D-Oakland) to revise and reform solitary confinement conditions in California’s prisons passed its first legislative hurdle this week.

The Senate Public Safety Committee approved SB 892 by a vote of 6-1, with Republican support. It now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee before heading to the Senate floor.

[Senator Hancock said] “Isolating large numbers of inmates for long periods of time as we are currently doing is an expensive and deeply troubling practice…It is ineffective at controlling gang behavior in prisons; useless in helping to rehabilitate prisoners; costly to taxpayers; and a threat to public safety when inmates are released directly to the streets after years – sometimes decades – of solitary confinement.”

The bill will institute specific reforms to the solitary confinement process, including:Establishing independent, outside oversight by requiring the Office of the Inspector General to review indeterminate solitary confinement detention cases and to conduct regular reviews of each inmate serving an indeterminate SHU term…requiring CDCR to provide inmates with an advocate throughout the SHU detention process, and creating a new position specifically to assist inmates and their families with issues such as visitation rights and access to support networks…(Full text at PostNewsGroup)

Only an ignorant, true believer would claim the SHU Program “is ineffective at controlling gang behavior in prisons.” In point of fact, the SHU Units at Pelican Bay and Corcoran in particular so thoroughly disrupted the command and control of organized criminals, they started the hunger-strike to propagandize for its termination.

Both Steve McQueen and George Papillon are dead.  How many more must suffer before solitary confinement is banned?

Both Steve McQueen and George Papillon are dead. How many more must suffer before fictional solitary confinement is banned?

Leftist apparatchiks like Senator Hancock and many Hollywood Ignorami took the bait:  hook, line and sinker.  Now she’s out there fighting for the rights of prison shot callers to manage crime inside and out.

Thanks to a compliant press, the conflation of Administrative Segregation/SHU and so-called “solitary confinement” is complete–There’s no discernible difference between Arturo Castellanos’ SHU program at Pelican Bay and George Papillon’s lone lockup on Devil’s Island. Same-O, Same-O.

The organized crime shot-callers are poised to win.

The pro-crime party will undoubtedly prevail in gutting humane, effective SHU programs in the name of stopping a practice that does not exist in this state.  Unless, of course, a few more are arrested and they have to deal with the Republicans–I understand at least 2 of them are required to be awake during business hours.

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3 Comments to “Hancock Bill caves to Hungertard’s specious demands”

  1. JBurns says:

    I want to save the unicorns too….can we include the fairies and leprechauns also….I wouldn’t want them feelings oppressed if we left them out……;)

  2. kl2008a says:

    What Hancock (and Henderson and Karlton and their ilk) need to do is don a uniform and walk the line for a week at one of SHU’s and then mainlines so they can see why a SHU program is necessary. The other alternative is to let’em all go to the yard together (unseparated with no staff on the ground ) and let them have at each other. When the dust clears, have the live ones return to their cells to get ready for the next day’s “activities” and after everyone is locked up and it’s safe to go onto the yard, the staff go out and clean up the bodies. Continue this until the count comes down to what the Feds want. Now, that would make them happy!

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    Loni Hancock is a professional liberal horses ass who never met an “oppressed minority” whose cause she wouldn’t champion, whether it existed or not. I fully expect her to come out with a SAVE THE UNICORNS action group any day.