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Jun 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Firearms, Spotlight

The Gun of the Week this time round is the very nice Smith & Wesson Model 41 target pistol.

This pistol was produced primarily in .22 lr though about 1,000 units were made in .22 short.  They featured an aluminum slide as the .22 short would not reliably cycle the heavier slide.

The weapons were first produced for retail sale in 1957, after about ten years of development.  Most were made with either a 5 1/2 or 7″ barrel, though a very small number were produced in a 6″ version.  A 5″ version was also made for a while.

In addition to the Model 41 a little-known variation, the Model 46, was produced.  Only about 4,000 units were made.  It was a no-frills variation of the 41 and many were purchased by the U.S. military for training weapons. The Model 41 has the same grip angle as the Model 1911 pistol.

The Model 41 went out of production in 1992.  It resurfaced as the New Model 41 two years later.

These were a very high quality, ten shot target pistol with excellent adjustable sights and a decent trigger.  There is significant collectors as well as shooters interest in these weapons. I have seen good examples offered for sale at well over $1,000.

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