Fresno jail CO’s want break from SEIU

Mar 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Spotlight, Unions
Fresno County’s professional correctional officers refused to join BIG PURPLE in a 3 day strike–Now they want out.

Fresno Co. Correctional Officers Try To Break Away From SEIU

Fresno County and SEIU members are still trying to work out their differences at the bargaining table. Meanwhile, some SEIU members are trying to leave the union to start another one.

There are more than 300 correctional officers who work inside the Fresno County Jail. They’re members of SEIU, but that may change.

Eulalio Gomez wants to start a new union called the Fresno Sheriff’s Correctional Officers Association. He says, “Enough is enough. Stop all this political drama. Lets get back to the table. Lets get back to talking about public safety. Solutions for our community.”

Gomez says correctional officers are frustrated after mounting tension. In January more than a thousand SEIU members went on strike. They picketed for three days after the county enforced a 9% pay cut.

Correctional officers at the Fresno County Jail wanted nothing to do with the strike and went to to work. Gomez says, “Our members want to have a dialogue with the county but we might not agree with them. At the end of the day. We can shake hands and walk away.”

Before the correctional officers walk away from SEIU, union representatives will try to negotiate and keep them on board…(Full text at

Fresno’s correctional officers are to be commended for adhering to the law enforcement ethos prohibiting strikes: “Job Action” and public safety cannot coexist. Beyond that, the CO’s desire to organize under a law enforcement banner and assert local control of their collective bargaining rights is long overdue–Law enforcement labor does not fit in a generic, one-size-fits-all union, as the strike-no strike dilemma illustrates.

Paco hopes the Fresno CO’s are successful in the effort to take control of their own destinies. At the same time, I offer this caution: Local control means the members have to get off their dead asses and participate. Absent that, you simply create a mini-SEIU (a little purple if you will). Which is to say, local control is meaningless when the members are content to fly on auto-pilot–You gotta grab the stick and fly the plane!

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3 Comments to “Fresno jail CO’s want break from SEIU”

  1. hungjury says:

    Why the hell is MIKE JIMENEZ wearing an SEIU t shirt? Oh i get it he wasted all CCPOA dues,and he is trying to get his hands on theirs too.

  2. kl2008a says:

    I wonder how many of the old school CSEA folks wish they were never absorbed into SEIU?

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    I remember when the Dills Act kicked in. I opined at the time that public safety and non-public safety groups had different ways of doing things and looking at things and that public safety groups would usually do better going it alone. I thought I was right then and still think that to be the case. It does, as Jeff notes correctly, taken willingness to get involved and make it work. It worked for CCPOA for 25 years or so. It could easily work for them too. I wish them well.