Former Pal Calls Fat Rat Sharpton A Liar

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katz-litter4Tells the New York Post that Sharpton is lying when he denies trying to set up a cocaine deal and having been a snitch for the FBI

There was an interesting story in today’s New York Post by Frank Rosario entitled: Sharpton was ‘eager to get slice of 1980s coke deal’: pal.  The Post held a two-day interview with Robert Curington, 72, a former employee and pal of the wannabe drug dealer turned FBI snitch, at his home in North Carolina.

When Sharpton was snitching for the FBI, all the NY cops knew about it and laughingly referred to him as Fat Rat.  Sharpton flat out denies he tried to buy kilos of cocaine from an undercover FBI agent, as recorded by a surveillance video, and he also flat out denied being a snitch for the FBI.  Sharpton claims he recorded mobsters for the FBI only because they had threatened to kill him over some sort om music deal, but Curington says that Fat Rat is flat out lying when he denies trying to become a cocaine dealer and snitching for the FBI.

Here is how the Post had Curington’s account of how Fat Rat became a rat:

He [Curington] provided a detailed account of how Sharpton wined and dined a man he thought was a South American drug lord — and said Sharpton met him not just once, but three times.

Sharpton’s saga began in the Manhattan offices of boisterous boxing big shot Don King in 1983, Curington said.

An unnamed felon trying to duck a 30-year prison sentence promised the feds he could help them nail King on coke-dealing charges.

An undercover FBI agent, using the name Victor Quintana, set up a meeting with King to discuss a boxing match in the Bahamas — but King had a bad feeling about the potential business partner and pawned him off on Sharpton.

“King was sly — he knew something was off about this,” Curington said. “So he kept him downstairs and let his new best friend Al Sharpton talk to him.”

Sharpton was eager to help, and “would spend cash taking him to dinner and chauffeur him around in a limo, feeling him out,” Curington said.

Then, at a restaurant, “they are talking and cutting their steaks. The agent’s voice changes, midstream, and he says, ‘I know where 10 kilos of cocaine are and we can make some big money on this.’

“Sharpton didn’t roll alone — he had a friend or adviser with him who says, ‘Hold it! This meeting is over. You come in here talking about boxing and now you’re gonna talk about cocaine? Let’s go, Al. We’re not into that.’

“Sharpton was hesitant to leave,” Curington remembered. “I believe he wanted to hear him out, but he listened to his friend.”

Sharpton met with Quintana a second time, in a hotel. Again, ­cocaine came up, and Sharpton’s pals called off the meeting.

At the third meeting with Quintana, Sharpton made sure to go alone — wearing a cowboy hat and chomping on an unlit cigar, which was made famous in footage from the FBI surveillance leaked in 2002.

“The agent said you would get $3,500 per kilo,” said Curington, who was not at the meetings but was told about them by Sharpton.

“Sharpton moved on it, and they sprung the trap on him right away. They got him.

“Al told me himself. He bit and took the bait.”

And once he was caught, he had no choice but to wear a wire to save his ample hide from prison.

“Sharpton said they could do whatever they wanted with him after that,” Curington said. “Because they had him. Either he worked for them or they put that news out there that he was into coke.”

Curington, a former record producer and music promoter, became an executive with Sharpton’s National Youth Movement in the 1980s. He had served a two-year prison term on drug offenses in the late 1970s.

Curington said, “It was greed. He just wanted money.”

Fat Rat says, “Curington is blatantly wrong” in his account.

OK, what we’ve got here is a ‘he said, he said’ situation.  President Obama must believe Sharpton because on Friday he embraced and praised the four flushing phony at the National Action Network convention.  But who do I believe?  That’s easy – what with Sharpton’s sordid history, I believe Robert Curington, not old Fat Rat!

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3 Comments to “Former Pal Calls Fat Rat Sharpton A Liar”

  1. Bulldogger says:

    Bob, I think you’re being nice in your description of sharpton

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    Sharpton is an extortionist and a poverty pimp and is both while hiding as a religious man. Should the fact that he is also a lying sack of shit surprise anybody?