Festival of Litha (Midsummer Day)

Jun 20th, 2015 | By | Category: Miscellany

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice.  Since time immemorial people have acknowledged the sunrise on the solstice.  This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, though interestingly enough not the earliest sunrise nor the latest sunset.  This year the Solstice will actually occur at about 0938 hours Pacific Daylight Time.  It varies of course depending on exactly where you are.  Here in Stockton I am not quite five minutes behind standard time.

It is often referred to as Midsummer Day by traditionalists, though the modern calendar considers it to be the beginning of summer.  A few serious diehards still celebrate Midsummer on June 24, though actually the solstice does move around.

It is the seventh station of the year, and is also acknowledged as The Day of All Heras (Heras being women who have achieved full spiritual communion with The Great Goddess).

Have a nice day.  Enjoy.  Blessed Be.

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