Federal judge strikes down Victim’s Bill of Rights

Jan 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Alternatives to Public Safety, Courts, Parole

U. S. District Court Judge Lawrence K. Karlton ruled Tuesday that a significant section of the 2008 Proposition 9 ballot initiative known as the Victim’s Bill of Rights is unconstitutional.  Those sections he had a problem with relate to parole revocation.

Judge Kalrton believes that the law fails to protect due process in that it dos not “require a written summary of the proceedings and of the revocation decision, the opportunity to present documentary evidence and witnesses, and disclosure to the parolee of the evidence against him.”

The Judge has also ordered the parole board to use “remedial sanctions” instead of simply sending parolees back to prison.

In fact only two paragraphs of the law were left intact, and they are so useless by themselves that, according to Judge Karlton, “no portion of the statute can be preserved.”

Well folks, there you have it.  The people of the state of California no longer have any real say-so on how the state is run.  The federal courts are now in charge of our lives.

Clicking here will link to an excellent piece in today’s Sacramento PRAVDA on this story.

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