FBI probing WALLmart’s Idaho hijinxs

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These CCA employees insist they really were on duty despite corporate admissions Idaho was billed for employees who never showed .

These CCA employees insist they really were on duty despite corporate admissions Idaho DOC was billed for employees who never showed .

APNewsBreak: FBI investigates prison company

REBECCA BOONE  | Idaho Statesman

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The FBI has launched an investigation of the Corrections Corporation of America over the company’s running of an Idaho prison with a reputation so violent that inmates dubbed it “Gladiator School.”

…last year, CCA officials acknowledged it had understaffed the Idaho Correctional Center by thousands of hours in violation of the state contract. CCA also said employees falsified reports to cover up the vacancies. The announcement came after an Associated Press investigation showed CCA sometimes listed guards as working 48 hours straight to meet minimum staffing requirements…

Idaho Department of Correction spokesman Jeff Ray confirmed Friday that the FBI met with department director Brent Reinke on Thursday to inform him about the investigation. Idaho State Police spokeswoman Teresa Baker said her agency was no longer involved with the investigation and the FBI has taken it over entirely…

The Department of Justice requested a copy of a forensic audit done for the Idaho Department of Correction earlier this year. That audit showed that CCA understaffed the prison by as much as 26,000 hours in 2012 alone; CCA is strongly contesting those findings. CCA’s Owen has said the company believes the audit overestimates the staffing issues by more than a third…(Full text at Idaho Statesman)

It took a lot of arm twisting but the FBI finally decided to take a hard look at CCA’s fraudulent practices in Idaho. Why, you may ponder, would the feds be giving CCA a pass to this point?

Perhaps the huge contracts the Obama Administration granted the firm to operate immigration and ‘emergency’ detention centers led to the federal reticence?  The potential embarrassment over contracting CCA when their shenanigans are so outrageous and well documented may well have led the feds to drag their feet.  But no more.

For the record, Paco says former WALLmart executives sent up the river for this conspiracy should NOT be incarcerated in private prisons.  Who knows if they wouldn’t just say they were locked up, much as they said their guards were on the job?

A tip of the sombrero to Donald ‘Jean-Luc‘ Stockman, veteran of CDCR and Idaho DOC alike,  for bringing this item to Paco’s attention. –

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One Comment to “FBI probing WALLmart’s Idaho hijinxs”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    When the bottom line is profit people will work hard to find a way to obtain a profit, especially if they think the bosses will endorse, or at least tolerate, cheating.