FBI arrests seven LA Deputies

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iStockPhoto SLC Minilypse-Judicial CourtVarious broadcast news reports today said that the FBI arrested seven LA County jail deputies in their probe into alleged brutality by staff at the jail.  At least eleven more deputies are facing possible charges.

Those arrested include two Lieutenants, two Sergeants and three deputies.

The charges include obstruction of justice for trying to hide a witness by altering records to make it appear the prisoner had been released when he was in fact still in custody.

Clicking here will link to a AP piece on this developing story.

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2 Comments to “FBI arrests seven LA Deputies”

  1. pacovilla says:

    Good point. On the other hand, the stories inmates used to tell about both LA and OC Main Jails were pretty consistent in terms of the brutality. As I heard virtually no such stories about other jurisdictions, I tend to view the current matter as more likely than not. Of course, they are all innocent until a jury says otherwise.

  2. JC says:

    I realize that there has already been a few things posted about LASO of a negative nature. But before we jump to conclusions, remember that it was not that long ago that Janet Reno’s Justice Department thought it was worth taking the word of felons over corrections officers about what was really happening at Corcoran State Prison.