Ethics panel rules against Mirkarimi

Aug 16th, 2012 | By | Category: Celebrity Crims


The San Francisco Ethics Commission voted 4-1 today against Ross Mirkarimi, the embattled Sheriff of the City and County of San Francisco.  The recommendation of the panel is not binding on the Board of Supervisors, who need at least 9 votes of the 11 members to throw him out of office.

Mirkarimi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment due to a domestic situation with his wife.  He was not Sheriff at the time.  He had been elected, but not sworn in.

There is a significant question as to whether or not Mirkarimi’s actions constitute “official misconduct” under the circumstances.

The board has never before actually acted to throw out an elected official.  It is possible there will be a legal challenge if the board does attempt to remove him from office.  He has been suspended without pay since the mayor initiated the action against him.

Clicking here will link to a SFGATE piece on this story.

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3 Comments to “Ethics panel rules against Mirkarimi”

  1. Steelheader says:

    You would think that the Federal Statute regarding DV would automatically trump his ability to be a sherriff. I was under the presumption that ANY convictions, whether it be felony or MISDEMEANOR, would automatically negate your ability to own, possess, or carry firearms. Or does this only apply to us lowly minions?

    • Bob Walsh says:

      He had to turn in his weapons when the charge was filed. He copped to false imprisonment and the domestic violence case was dropped. I am guessing he is now good on the weapons beef, but even if he isn’t it would not preclude him from serving as Sheriff, just from possessing weapons (assuming I understand the law correctly).