Eligible For Parole In 2309

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katz-litter4On the 20the anniversary of the Long Island Rail Road massacre this is a reminder that Colin Ferguson, the convicted shooter, will become eligible for parole on August 6, 2309

On December 7, 1993, Colin Ferguson shot six passengers to death and wounded 19 others on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train before he was tackled by three other passengers.

Ferguson acted as his own lawyer during his trial.  It doesn’t look as though he defended himself very well.  He was sentenced to six consecutive terms of 25 years to life and 50 years for 19 attempted murders.

Ferguson, now 55, is presently serving his sentence of 315 years and 8 months to life at New York’s Upstate Correctional Facility near the Canadian border.

Ferguson will become eligible for parole on August 6, 2309.  Please be sure to mark this date on your calendars so that you can write a letter protesting his release on parole to:

New York State Board of Parole
1220 Washington Ave, Building 2
Albany, New York 12226-2050

Although Ferguson has not been a model prisoner – he’s been disciplined for failure to obey orders, violent conduct, harassment, unhygienic acts and rioting – you never know what a parole board might do.

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One Comment to “Eligible For Parole In 2309”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    Its a very good thing that nobody had a gun on that train or somebody could have gotten hurt.