Dust settling following June riot at SVSP

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The June 19 incident at SVSP left 12 inmates with stab and slash wounds. No staff were harmed.

Officials investigating riot at Salinas Valley Prison

Gonzales Tribune | Jun 29th, 2012

SOLEDAD – Salinas Valley State Prison officials are investigating the cause of the riot involving, which they originally thought was 150 inmates, that left at least 12 men seriously injured on June 19.

The violence erupted shortly after 11:10 a.m., while the inmates were out on their facility’s yard. The riot finally ended with guards using pepper spray and “less-than-lethal force options…”

“12 inmates suffered stab wounds, slash wounds, and head trauma injuries,” said Lt. Michael Nilsson. “One inmate had to be airlifted to a local hospital, another eleven were taken by ambulance and seven inmates were treated at the prison’s medical facility. All are in stable condition…”

The facility is on modified program…This means all inmates are in lock down…(Full text at Gonzales Tribune)

Thanks to Rider W. Fox, Paco’s oversight in missing this story has been corrected. As the above excerpt the following links attest, this was a full blown melee, even by SVSP standards. Unfortunately, incidents at Salinas Valley are so common, it is easy to overlook the headlines.

In that context, readers and Riders alike are asked to follow Fox’s lead and send any information about what’s happening at the jobsite to info(AT)pacovilla(DOT)com. Whether it’s a rumor, a link to a news item or something you want to pass along anonymously, Paco wants to know.

My apologies to the brave men and women at SVSP for initially giving the report short shrift. –



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