Do-over bill for juvenile murderers passes assembly

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SB9, by that well-known liberal apologist and professional idiot Leland Yee passed out of the state assembly by a hair today.  The bill moved out on a 41-34 vote with zero Republican vote.  It now goes back to the senate for concurrence in amendments.

Assuming this turkey becomes law and Jerry actually signs it juvenile LWOP prisoners sentenced for murder could petition the court after 15 years for resentencing, but must serve at least 25 years in custody.  It  would not apply to offenders who had a history of violence, used torture to kill, or who killed a cop or fire fighter.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, also of San Francisco, predictably thinks this is a wonderful idea.

There are currently about 300 persons sentenced to LWOP for juvenile crimes in the state.

Clicking here will link to a pretty good Capitol Alert piece on this story.  The comments are worthwhile.

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2 Comments to “Do-over bill for juvenile murderers passes assembly”

  1. Dick Kirby says:

    Lelend Yee is on my list as the most stupid left wing politicians ever. He was the jackass who wrote AB249 which went down in flames. I usually don’t use the argumenative ad hominem but in his case I can’t help it.