‘Direct connection between education and public safety’

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Attorney general, lawmakers seek action against truancy in California schools

Attorney General Karmala Harris announced support for a host of anti-truancy bills.  Under the banner "School Be Cool" Harris employed sock-puppet Skool B. Kool and a visit form McGruff the Crime Dog to kick off the effort.

Attorney General Kamala Harris announced support for a host of anti-truancy bills. Under the banner-program “School Be Cool,” Harris performed with anti-truancy sock-puppet Skooby Koo.  McGruff the Crime Dog provided American Sign Language services to underscore the anti-truancy message for the at-risk deaf. (ZOOM image)

Jeremy B. White | Sacramento Bee

Emphasizing that young students who frequently miss school are far more likely to fall behind and commit crimes later in life, California Attorney General Kamala Harris and half a dozen lawmakers introduced an anti-truancy bill package on Monday.

The legislative effort ties to a report from Harris’ office that depicts the repercussions of an estimated 1 million truant elementary school students a year, good for a 29.6 percent truancy rate among California youngsters. More than 250,000 elementary school students missed at least 10 percent of the year, or more than 18 days of learning.

Missing a substantial amount of school carries cascading consequences, Harris said. Children who are already behind reading level by third grade are four times as likely to drop out of high school. In turn, high school dropouts suffer higher unemployment rates and become more likely to turn to crime.


Free “School Be Cool’ buttons are available through the Attorney General’s Office by calling (800) 952-5225

“There’s a direct connection between education and public safety,” Harris said…

Legislators promoted five bills focused on data collection and reporting, from requiring the state Department of Education to track truancy rates to having district attorneys explain the outcomes of school attendance-related prosecution…

“Stemming the tide of truancy is a critical component to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline…” (Full text at Sacramento Bee)

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6 Comments to “‘Direct connection between education and public safety’”

  1. JC says:

    All good points. Another case of KH wasting our time and taxpayer money

  2. kl2008a says:

    More government indoctrination centers would be a start. Tell them what YOU want them to learn and not about the truth or the real facts. I look at this from a different angle. More kids in class means more teacher referrals for a fidgety Johnny or Janey when they lose interest in the subject, or it’s a nice day outside and they’d rather be playing at recess. More referrals means more Dr rx’s for ADHD/ADD, and more $$ for big pharm when those kids go on meds to treat their “problem”. Now, here’s the angle that Kamala is looking at. Kamala is against guns – PERIOD! More kids being diagnosed with ADHD/ADD (which is now classified as a “psychiatric” condition in the the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR)), means more Dr’s sending the kids names to DOJ for having a “psychiatric” condition, which in turn means that ANYONE living in the kid’s household will not be permitted to own or possess a gun. Preposterous you say? It’s coming down the pike right now as I type. It’s only a matter of time until we see such language written into law. “Some see things and ask why. I see things and ask Why not?”

    • kl2008a says:

      correction – the diagnosis of ADHD/ADD as a psychiatric condition is in the DSM-V version that just came out last year. To the shrinks, this is “their” bible.

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    How about we put habitual truants in lock-down boarding schools. To compel them to attend. Sort of like JAILS or Reform Schools. You would have to call them something else. Maybe “compulsory education training centers” or something like that. More taxes, more government power, more union teachers. Sounds like liberal nirvana.

    • Howie Katz says:

      Now Bob, there you go again with your skepticism. Can’t you see that Kamala, your future governor, wants to put a kink in illegal drug trafficking. After all, it’s the kids that are missing school who are dealing dope and making more money than their master-degreed teachers.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        I guess I was just blinded by my unreasonable hate for morons to the point where I couldn’t think in a proper PC fashion. My bad.