Did mayor intentionally give bad info to the grand jury?

Jul 7th, 2012 | By | Category: Courts, Crime In General, Politics-General


It should be no surprise that the Alameda County Civil Grand Jury talked to Mayor Jean Quan during their session last fiscal year.  Mayor Quan has confirmed that she did so.  In her testimony she allegedly told the Grand Jury that the FBI was helping the Oakland PD with their forensic backlog.  Trouble is, it wasn’t true.  Mayor Quan herself has had a convenient memory lapse about her testimony before the Grand Jury.

It would seem, based on the piece linked here from SFGate on this story, that Mayor Quan’s testimony was not under oath so that even if the information was both inaccurate and deliberately so there is no legal penalty.  It does, however, seem odd for someone who is, at least in theory, as engaged as Mayor Quan is and who is dealing regularly with a serious problem in this area did not know whether or not the feds were in fact helping her out.

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