DeWitt annex to CHCF opened (without permission from feds?)

Mar 24th, 2014 | By | Category: Courts, Hard News, Medical (Inmate Healthcare)

Bedlam1815I have been told that Bedlam II, otherwise know as the DeWitt annex to CHCF, opened up last night on third watch with grossly inadequate staff, like pretty much zero.  I have also not heard that the feds have given permission to open it up, though that could have happened and I just didn’t hear about it.

Anybody having any further info is welcome to either send it to me or post it as a comment here.

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2 Comments to “DeWitt annex to CHCF opened (without permission from feds?)”

  1. Bioswale Troll says:

    Their is no staff on third watch, zero! Only on first and second.they will add an inmate porter today to make it official. Wonder what the wardens plan for his new extra long electric fence is? Ha. The admins dont care what the receiver says or are in on it with the nurses who think inmates are great people. One radio per building and surgeons that do no surgery.lots of issues to be resolved and the suits think all is well in bedlamland, yet evil lurks beneath the bioswale. Its our enviro friendly drain system with pretty weeds and rats in the parkin lot from hell. Keep up the good work , and keep the truth out there!!!!!! More cadets arrive soon, but will they help or not be allowed to work here and be made to work dairycows at dvi.